What difficulties can arise when building a Smart home?

Today, more and more people want to make their home or apartment more multifunctional, more convenient, and most importantly more secure. That is why the Smart home system is becoming more popular and relevant every year. Despite all the advantages of such a system, many beginners who decide to use it are exposed to many difficulties when building it.

It is necessary to consider the most urgent difficulties that arise when building a Smart home:

The most common difficulty in implementing and building such a system is an unsuccessful combination of invalid components with each other. This complexity occurs if different standards of Smart home functionality are selected. The main condition is to buy all the mechanisms of such a system exactly one standard. But how do you choose the right standard that suits your home? You need to choose standards and technologies that meet at least two requirements:
extensive selection of components and mechanisms for connection in a Smart home;
100% compatibility of devices from different manufacturers.

To date, the best technology that combines these two points is the Z-Wave technology.

Another problem and complexity may be the choice of components of the same standard, but they are not compatible with the radio frequency. Even if the client has already decided on the choice of a set of mechanisms for connecting a Smart home from the same standard and manufacturer, it may be difficult to connect additional functionality. Therefore, you should pay attention to the frequency range of the selected equipment. However, it should be noted that the radio frequency may differ not only for purchased mechanisms of the same standard, but also for purchased mechanisms of different countries. Experts recommend to apply for the purchase of mechanisms in domestic stores that offer the operation of devices of such a house on the “Russian” frequency.
In the pursuit of cheapness-you can get “in the gap” and be left with nothing. Cheap systems offered by the Chinese market have prepared the following “surprises” for their customers”:
lack of the necessary Russian or English language in the mobile app;
incompatibility of adapters with sockets used in our country;
incompatibility of devices from different manufacturers;

There are quite a lot of such “surprises”, so before chasing a cheap product, you should carefully think about everything and make a choice in favor of a product that does not have cheapness, but has quality and reliability!

Difficulties in building arise when buying only a part of the necessary product for a certain function of the Smart home. Therefore, in order not to waste time on reconfiguring and adding the necessary elements, you should decide in advance on the layout and use of certain functions.

Thus, only by initially defining the scenario for using a Smart home, you can avoid these difficulties in building it.