How to choose engineers for a Smart home?

Despite the fact that now the market for providing Smart home services has grown significantly, it is necessary to responsibly and carefully approach the question of choosing engineers who are ready to implement this system in the project. Of course, there are no specific criteria for choosing the right engineers, either by price categories or by their orientation. Each smart home installation process is carried out individually. However, before you contact these or other companies, you should carefully read their integrity, so as not to become a victim. So what should you pay attention to when choosing engineers?

Criteria for selecting engineers for the project
When choosing specialists, first of all, you should pay attention to the availability of appropriate certification. The certificate of quality when working with Smart homes is a membership with the international organization CEDIA, as well as with KNX. Obtaining membership and recognition in the expert society are the main indicators of certification of specialists in this field.
Another indicator of quality and integrity is the presence of a portfolio of engineers. Looking through existing portfolios, you can not only get a guarantee of honesty in the projects being implemented, but also “spy” any project idea to create it in your home.
Even though the Smart home system is multifunctional and high-tech, it requires special attention and appropriate maintenance. No professional and legal specialist company that provides smart home activation services will terminate contact with its client immediately after the completion of the finished project. As a rule, the company’s specialists must guarantee a 12-month free maintenance of the project, regardless of its complexity and territory.
A real expert who has proven himself in this market of services-is ready to listen to any wishes of clients and provide them with assistance. However, such a specialist should be able to explain to the client his wrong understanding and the fact that the project desired by the client will have many “pitfalls”. The main quality is the ability to put yourself right and get the trust and faith of the client in providing him with advice. The specialist must be able to build a dialogue not only with their customer, but also with interior designers, architects and other contractors. Only in joint work and joint efforts can you achieve the project goals without any problems or shortcomings on the part of a particular contractor.
Providing a choice-as mentioned above, the engineer must be able to listen to the client’s wishes. Therefore, smart home project engineers should not impose brand-name systems in the design that will not satisfy the customer. The specialist must take into account what the customer wants to focus on in the house, for example, on climate control, and depending on this, offer additional options that are suitable for this desire.