How to manage a smart home

Smart home has become a reality today. For its effective functioning, constant improvements are constantly being made to the developers. Automation of processes in the house is quite a feasible task. Take, for example, an engineering solution for seismic activity, the roof of a house and automatic energy-producing blinds.

The solution requires centralized management from a single center that coordinates the operation of smart home systems. In the center, information from sensors is collected and processed, and applications that control the operation of the systems are executed.

Specificity of management

Smart home management has a number of features. The seismic activity system monitors the movement of the ground during earthquakes, strong explosions, and other factors of man-made or natural origin.

In order for the seismic activity system to work accurately, it requires the installation of a seismic sensor that records earthquakes. The building is equipped with seismic sensors that send signals to the compressor. On command, the compressor supplies air between the foundation and the house, creating a cushion that lifts the structure 3 cm above ground level. This allows you to isolate the house from shocks that destroy the structure.

In such a situation, it is important to monitor the condition of the plinth. In the basement, there are usually utility rooms, warehouses, and technical rooms. In this case, the smart home system controls

secret room

– The garage is a room equipped with an entrance gate and a gate with the use of radio tags that are placed on vehicles.

– Usually the garage is equipped with an elevator for cars to immerse the latter in the underground garage. The elevator is able to withstand the weight of heavy off-road vehicles.

– the bunker is a special room in a smart home. It is possible to install climate control devices that allow you to maintain comfortable environmental parameters.

Roof of the house

Managing the roof can be too complicated. But this opinion is deceptive, everything is much simpler. Solar controllers are used for the roof system. Solar power sources can be used quite successfully. They are eco-friendly and economical.

An important feature is the heating of the roof. It is possible to lay heating cables that allow you to drive snow from the roof. This process takes place under the control of the system. In addition, you can also clean the sidewalk from snow or warm the water in the same way.

Additional elements of comfort

Some additional smart home options can be very useful. For example, windows with the ability to darken out. Energy-producing blinds, which have built-in solar panels, increase the functionality of the windows. This provides excellent protection from bright light. The control systems use audio and video components that increase the efficiency of automation.

Smart home provides a greater degree of comfort, making management processes easier and more reliable.