How a smart home can help reduce energy bills

08 February 2022

The main “feature” of a smart home is a set of solutions to reduce the consumption of the most important resources: water and electricity. It is no secret that it is the payment of electricity that is the largest expense item in any residential area. Not surprisingly, the search for solutions to reduce them is ongoing.

There are two types of solutions that reduce electricity costs: modern solutions and instrument adjustment.

Examples of Energy Saving Solutions

A smart home system now includes a number of proven energy saving solutions.

Underfloor heating

Not requiring carpets and wearing socks or slippers, a comfortable floor is a classic of modern living space. Such systems are equally easy to install both in private cottages and in apartments of multi-storey buildings.

There are two types of underfloor heating: electric and water. If you want to reduce electricity consumption, then the first option will not suit you. The use of water circulating around a closed perimeter is an ideal solution for those who have the opportunity to install a water heating boiler in their home. By setting the individual operating mode of the boiler, you can adjust the temperature of the floors at different times of the day. Warming up from the surface of the floor covering around the entire perimeter of the apartment or house, the air becomes warmer.

By installing a system of water-heated floors:

  1. reduced heating costs by means of radiators;
  2. the electricity consumption for the operation of the heating boiler is regulated as accurately as possible;
  3. eliminates the need for electric heaters.

“Smart” air conditioning system

By setting the necessary air parameters, its humidity and temperature, you eliminate the overexpenditure of air conditioners and air humidifiers. The system will activate their work only in the case and in the direction that is required to adjust the parameters.

By equalizing the indicators, the systems will turn off the working devices, saving you from having to do it manually.

System of automatic switching on/off of light

It is no secret that very often, having passed along the corridor or leaving the bathroom, we forget to press the switch. For this reason, the consumption of electricity in an apartment or house can increase significantly.

The smart home system includes a set of sensors that monitor the presence of a person in the room. In response to this, artificial intelligence will independently turn on and off the lighting devices. In addition, you can pre-set power settings, eliminating too bright light bulbs when not required. Here you can also include light scenarios for different times of the day and rooms. With a smart approach, you will be provided with a reduction in the cost of excess electricity consumption.

Thanks to the use of modern solutions within the global smart home system, it is possible to reduce electricity costs by about 20-30% from the original ones.