How household appliances are getting smarter

10 November 2021

In modern times, technological household appliances are required, capable of taking over the functions of people. They will be able to devote themselves more fully to work and have a better rest. Modern refrigerators are able to determine the number of products in real time, order or even monitor the diet of family members. And vacuum cleaners? Robot vacuum cleaners in the form of a large hockey “puck” themselves are able to determine the degree of contamination of premises and remove dust and debris in hard-to-reach places. Perhaps in the near future, all equipment will be controlled either via a phone or a computer.

Smart Trash Can

Contrary to stereotypes, all technological innovations come not from Japan or the USA, but from China, where research centers are widely developing. They allocate huge sums for R&D! As a result, you can see a smart trash can in the form of a Topnaw Smart Trash Can, which you should familiarize yourself with as closely as possible. It is inexpensive ($30), but has a wide range of functionality that you need to focus on closer:

  1. You do not need to open such a bucket manually. It is enough just to lightly swipe your hand along the edge of the lid, as it opens immediately. Sensitive work is explained by the presence of sensitive motion sensors.

  2. As soon as the plastic bag is filled, the system seals it with thermal welding and gives the appropriate signal. The owner of Topnaw Smart Trash Can will be left with a mere trifle – to take out the package in a dumpster. No smell will be recorded. For the summer season, when watermelon or melon peels begin to instantly spread an unpleasant smell, then a smart bucket will be the best choice for the family.

  3. A new garbage bag is installed immediately. The system inflates it with a fan made of a special film, excellent durability

  4. The “smart bucket” is also equipped with LED lighting, which will be in demand at dusk. The backlight is not overly bright and its power is specially adjusted to work in dark rooms. In other words, if you need to throw garbage in a bucket at night, then you will not have to turn on the general lighting.

  5. The bucket itself has a solid volume (up to 15.5 liters), which is much more than standard plastic trash cans with a volume of 8-10 liters. The built-in battery is enough for autonomous operation for 35 days. You will only need to buy film cartridges periodically. They are inexpensive and can be ordered on a special website.

Smart Washing Machine

If one household appliance from the “hi-tech” category turns out to be a “smart” washing machine in the form of a Viomi Internet Wash Machine, which, unlike standard versions, is controlled using a smartphone and a special application. The functionality of the application includes the following elements:

  1. Sending a reminder about the need for washing;

  2. Notifications about the end of washing;

  3. Notification of malfunctions.

In the rest, the “smart” washing machine function practically does not differ from its competitors, is inexpensive and also differs in reliability and functionality.

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