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13 January 2022

Are getting smarter How home appliances are becoming more intelligentbecoming

Innovation is constantly evolving andmore intelligent. There are different systems, for example, “smart home“, thanks to which each of the gadgets in the room is controlled from a single controller or a mobile phone. Moreover, when a smart refrigerator plans meals, makes groceries purchases, or monitors the owner’s diet and nutrition, the Internet is actually progressing. Many already have robotic vacuum cleaners that collect garbage without the participation of anyone. It seems that soon nothing in homes will be left without smartphone or computer control.

Smart Novelty from Xiaomi

Despite the fact that most of the world’s breakthroughs are made in Japan or the United States, Chinese firms are firmly grabbing the palm here too. To some extent, one of the world’s leading electronics companies, Xiaomi, has developed and marketed such curiosities as a smart bin and a smart clothes washer. Home appliances like these, according to manufacturers, benefit the family and make cleaning easier.

Not a single person likes to take out the trash, moreover, many prefer not to mess with it, as they are afraid of the terrible smell and the presence of waste. Topnaw’s smart bin was created to solve this problem. This incredible device costs about $ 30 and has a wide range of uses:

To open the container, simply swipe the top of the container to prevent the owner from coming into contact with debris and keep your hands clean. Those who fear germs or value neatness and cleanliness will appreciate this ability the most. When the motion sensor is triggered, the container is set to open.

The gadget closes the bag when it is full and displays a notification on the screen that it is time to do it (that the bag needs to be removed). The Topnaw Smart Trash user only needs to take out the sealed bag and put it in the container (again, no contact with trash and no bad smell)

In addition, a clean bag is added immediately. With the help of a fan, the machine throws it out.

The smart bucket has built-in backlighting that adds aesthetic appeal.

The bucket holds 15.5 liters, which is roughly the same as most household containers. The rechargeable battery powers the gadget and can work up to 35 days on a single charge. Film cartridges are cheap and don’t cost much more than trash bags.

Viomi Internet Wash Machine (the actual name of the device) stands out from other washing machines because it comes with unique software that allows you to control it from your phone. Below are some of the functions of the application:

  1. Reminder to wash.
  2. You will receive a notification that the wash is complete.
  3. Reporting any difficulties

In other operations, the smart washing machine is similar to its competitors. The device is affordable, its cost is only two hundred and five dollars. Curious what other cutting edge devices will be of value to us in the near future?


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