How to protect a country house from burglars using a Smart home

Smart home technology is not only a way to simplify everyday life using remote control, but also a means of protecting against intruders. The idea is actively used to protect housing from robbers, create the appearance of the presence of the owner, show a potential enemy the danger of implementing intentions.

What features will help you ensure security ?

When configuring the system, special attention should be paid to the available features, try to make the functionality broader if the options are not initially provided. For example, the “host activity” tactic has been working well for many years to create security. While the real owner of the country house is away, the system will simulate the presence of people in the house. The attacker will be informed about this by moving curtains that close in the evening on the laid command, turning on the TV with programs, lights in the lamps.

It should be noted that curtains can be programmed in various variations. For example, it can be closed at random in a number of rooms in a country house. To make the curtains close and open at the same time as the light source appears, the option to embed a light sensor in the system will help. Spontaneous movement of curtains, regulation of lighting, switching on devices in one complex will repel the attacker, create the appearance of the presence of people in the house.

How effective is the tactic ?

Seeing such activity, the robber will not risk being caught, will pass the house side, choosing an easier victim. In order for the attacker to be sure that the owner is present or absent, it is necessary to conduct surveillance for more than two days. Not every robber is willing to spend time with the risk of error, although here come additional means of protection, this:

A vigilant neighbour
Installing a handle with a key
Installing thick glass

As for the Smart home system, which helps to ensure basic security, the technology allows you to configure the operation of devices and electricity at a certain time. This will create a plausibility of the activity being performed. Usually, before proceeding directly to the process of robbery, attackers look closely at the objects. The chosen house must not only meet the level of desired well-being in order to steal something of value, but also have a low level of security to get inside. The higher it is, the less chance that the thief will choose the house.

Usually, robbers prefer objects where there is no activity for several days or weeks. When the lights and TV are constantly turned on, it is unlikely that the attacker will want to contact the house, and for theft, they will prefer easier prey that is not burdened with potential dangers. So the Smart home technology has been helping to keep the property intact for many years, reducing the risk of robbery to the minimum probability.