How to save money with a smart home?

03 May 2021

Is it possible to save your money with the help of the “smart home” system?

A house where the system controls all household appliances, including a vacuum cleaner, an aquarium, and a security system. What will happen if the blinds or coffee maker will have artificial intelligence? Is there a possible financial benefit from this? What devices with artificial intelligence can be found in retail outlets?

The smart home system is not a matter of the distant future. It already exists now. Many friends already have devices at home that have artificial intelligence. For example, in the United States, many people have similar devices. In Russia, such people are much less, but they are there, and their number continues to increase. The search engine “Yandex” provides information according to which requests that include the phrase “smart home”, is 25%. For a month, 245 thousand similar questions were already entered into the search engine in 2020. In turn, in 2019, the number of such requests was 194 thousand.

Reasons why you can install a smart home system”

The term “smart” home includes a technique that can be manipulated from a distance or make their work autonomous. There are three reasons why it makes sense to install a smart home system:

– Protection against hacking accidents. The house has sensors that respond to smoke, fire, and moisture penetration. Even at a distance from home, you can not be afraid of anything;

– Practicality. All devices can be controlled from a distance, and their artificial intelligence can be programmed;

– A smart home saves money. All appliances turn off themselves, including the stove, when the owner leaves the room.

As you can see, there are advantages in this. For example, you get up in the morning when the alarm clock rings, and the tea is already hot. Or the TV will turn off on its own when the owner leaves the house. The savings are that thanks to the sensors, many devices will work and turn off on their own. Lawns will now be watered automatically. The most common solution in this area has become a robot vacuum cleaner.

The number of smart homes and their price

The development of scientific and technological progress made it possible to create complex devices at a low cost. Today, the number of such devices is growing. Now you can control them using your cell phone or voice. The savings from the “smart” home among consumers, until 2025, will amount to 387 billion rubles.

The price of” smart homes ” depends on the user’s preferences. In some parts of the country, the automatic system costs 25-27 thousand rubles, and in Moscow – 65 thousand rubles. Automatic lighting system – 600 thousand rubles, and in Moscow – 650 thousand rubles.

The decline in prices for smart devices is also due to the influence of China, where inexpensive products are imported. It remains only to choose a quality product. For example, the security system Eldes Security from Europe, which has found application in 75 countries of our world. You can dream about a refrigerator that itself calls a courier with a case of beer at a certain moment and other devices with artificial intelligence. And in reality, there is already a washing machine that records, via Wi-Fi, various modes of washing clothes. The Eldes Key Bob remote controls garage doors, temperature controls, lighting devices, and more. If you have pets, you can pay attention to the Petzi Treat Cam feeder, which allows you to monitor the animals with a camera and uploads videos to the user’s phone. It allows you to invite them to dinner, talk to them, and do other things. The original smart device is the Samsung Family hub refrigerator. It controls other devices, transmits the user information about the contents when he is in the store, tells about the latest events in the world, has a screen for displaying recipes.

The smart home system allows you not to spend extra money. Each device will save 11 thousand rubles a year, and in 2025, 7 million devices will be sold in Russia. In demand, according to analysts, will be devices that control water consumption and leaks, as well as devices for electricity metering. They will be affordable for everyone. From residents of a private house to residents of apartment buildings.

According to Konstantin Sukhanov, CEO of Sunros, the remote mode of operation forced the residents of the Russian Federation to assess the situation at home. Therefore, people will buy tracking devices, sensors that respond to movement and monitor the condition of doors with windows. People, according to Sukhanov, will always strive to live better and with comfort.