How to make your home smart

03 March 2021

It’s no secret that not turning off the electric kettle or iron can cause serious trouble. To prevent this from happening, Smart House systems are installed in homes and apartments. The presence of this system allows you to make your home the most comfortable living area, where each lighting device or household unit can be configured for specific tasks.

Features of the Smart Home system

The functionality of Smart House directly depends on the system configuration. The smart home can be supplemented with various modules that work according to a pre-set scenario.

The most popular options of Smart Home systems are:

Imitation of the presence of people in the room. This option is useful if the owners of an apartment or house leave their home for a long time, going on vacation or on vacation. Using the “Simulated presence” function, the blinds on the windows work automatically. The blinds can be periodically lowered and raised depending on the time of day. The “Simulated Presence” function also allows you to configure the switching on and off of the media system and television equipment.
Control of lighting devices. Lighting control is the most important function of the Smart House system, which allows you to not only differentially adjust the lighting in each room, but also significantly save on electricity. Lighting control can also work in conjunction with the “Presence Simulation”function. In the absence of the owners, in the evening hours or at night, the light can spontaneously turn on, and this will hint to the attacker that someone is in the house.
Maintaining the optimal temperature. The Smart House system includes numerous temperature sensors that send information to the controller. The controller is connected to the climate control equipment and the heating system. This allows you to adjust the temperature in each room.
Emergency alarm system. This system notifies the owner of the apartment or house about unauthorized entry into the home. If someone else has entered the room, a signal is automatically sent to the security panel, and an SMS message is also sent to the smartphone of the apartment owner.

With the help of the Smart Home system, you can control not only video surveillance cameras or irrigation systems, but also set the optimal temperature for heating paths in the yard (in winter), or maintain a set temperature in the pool.

Smart House system device

The main components of the system are:

Control unit (controller).
Actuators (smart sockets, switches, and other household appliances).

The controller is a kind of hub, where all the information from numerous sensors converges, and commands are sent from it to the actuators. The controller can be either local or cloud-based. You can use a regular desktop or laptop computer as a local controller, and a remote computer or server can act as a cloud controller. The local controller works over a local network, and to work with cloud control, you need access to the Internet.

How much does Smart House cost?

The cost of the Smart Home system directly depends on the capabilities of the system itself. There are simple configurations that control only a few functions, such as: lighting, blinds, and some household appliances. For a private home, an extended functionality is provided, with the help of which not only the control of climate control and heating is automated, but also the automatic feeding and walking of pets is performed. The cost of a Smart House can be limited only by the financial capabilities of the customer.