How to make emergency lighting for your home: simple and effective

13 January 2022

Power outages, carried out due to planned work or an emergency, causes many problems. Residents of cottages withexperience particular discomfort in this regard a smart home systembuilt outside the city. Repairmen do not always arrive on time: they can arrive in 3-4 hours or even the next day.

It is very annoying to remain in the impenetrable darkness and grope for a lighting device or mobile device, always, as if on purpose, found in the most unpredictable place. In such an uncomfortable situation, a nervous state and a bad mood do not keep you waiting.

It is advisable to try to prevent such a problem in advance. To do this, it will be necessary to spend a little and set aside time to carry out the installation of emergency lighting, which will inadvertently turn on in the event of a power outage.

Some of the most common modifications.

The following backlights are provided:

  1. LED lamps with BAP (backup power pack) – equipped with a biological accumulator, from which the light diodes are charged. The built-in sensor directs the automatic switching of the mains supply (from 220 volts to 12 volts from the biological charger).

The battery life under additional load is due to its capacity and ranges from half an hour to 5 hours.

Three types of LED emergency lamps are usually sold:

  1. intermittent action – they start to function involuntarily only when the mains voltage is removed; they are characterized by low intensity and low brightness (this is provided to conserve battery power);
  2. continuous action – used for basic illumination; when the network is disconnected, they switch to battery charging; by means of this device, the light bulbs partially illuminate the space (they give out 10% of the usual brightness), which maximizes the operating time from the spare unit;
  3. combined – composed of several bulbs and matrices acting separately; some are powered by mains voltage, while others are powered by battery; for mode switching of the lighting device, a switch is installed on them.
  1. Backing up the power supply of the ice lamps from the UPS is not so comfortable. This is because pulling wires from the UPS to the light bulbs through the entire room is not the best idea. It is advisable to give preference to this method when equipping emergency lighting sources near an uninterruptible power supply unit.

Where is it preferable to do the installation of ice bulbs?

It is best to place emergency ice bulbs in all households. The location of light sources is determined by their varieties. Continuous LED lamps are integrated into the basic lighting system. And inconsistent light bulbs are placed in any comfortable place, for example, above the front doors.


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