How to independently organize a “smart home”

13 January 2022

Many homeowners still believe that the “smart home” system is available only to millionaires. Nevertheless, modern technologies already allow you to create a smart home on your own – most of the element base is available commercially.

Why you need a smart home

Modern technologies allow you to organize the operation of home systems in such a way as to significantly increase the overall comfort, safety and economy of the house. Thanks to various sensors, it is possible to significantly reduce energy costs, install high-quality alarms, and prevent water and gas leaks.

The development of modern technologies allows you to independently build a “smart home” system, using your home computer or smartphone as a control panel. Most of the element base can be bought on the free market.

Leading Russian technology companies already offer their clients the supply of equipment for smart home systems.

Where to buy elements of the “smart home” system

The leading role in the market of the element base for “smart home” systems for a wide range of users today is played by Internet providers: MTS, Rostelecom,


SmartHouse offers the most affordable delivery option. Several types of sensors and controller are available for delivery. What is important – the company offers the opportunity to purchase not a complete set, but individual sensors, up to one. The sensors will not work when connected to the Internet from another provider. So, when choosing equipment from this supplier, you will also have to be tied to the Internet for a long time. The following sensors and equipment are available:

  1. motion;
  2. leaks;
  3. discoveries;
  4. smoke;
  5. smart socket.
  6. Other.


Offers a wide range of different devices: from Wi-Fi cameras to smart plugs. Various configurations are available. It is possible to connect cloud storage. Purchase on credit is possible. The basic delivery set includes the following devices and sensors:

  1. Smart lamp;
  2. Smart socket;
  3. Sensors: motion, opening, smoke.


Perhaps the company offers the widest range of devices for smart home systems. Unlike other providers offering only sensors and smart lamps with sockets, MTS offers numerous smart electrical appliances: household appliances, Wi-Fi modules, surge protectors, etc.

The company offers the highest quality service and detailed instructions for each device. Unlike other providers, devices are available when connected to the Internet from a third-party provider. 

The basic set of delivery includes the following devices:

  1. Smart lamp;
  2. Smart socket;
  3. Sensors: temperature, smoke, movement, opening.


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