How the Smart Home system works

08 February 2022

The concept of “Smart Home” is not new, however, despite the fact that many people have a general idea of ​​what this system is, in fact, they are not deeply familiar with it.

Let’s figure out what a “Smart Home” is …

This is a complex set of interactions of all systems in the house, including electrical appliances, heating, ventilation systems and much, much more. It is possible to exclude some functions or, on the contrary, connect additional features, it all depends on the needs of each specific customer of the Smart Home system.

First of all, this system starts from the control center, it is he who regulates the operation of all devices, analyzes the needs of the owner, sets the most favorable scenarios and receives signals from all sensors. In general, “Smart Home” is a complex system that allows the owner of the facility to remotely control, using voice commands, all the equipment in the house, electricity, climate control equipment, and so on.

Standard “Smart Home” system includes the following components:

  1. Security system: blocking locks, automatic activation of CCTV cameras.
  2. Climate control: the ability to control at a distance.
  3. Management and control over home infrastructure.
  4. Constant communication with any components of the system through a computer network and not only.
  5. Ability to manage and customize entertainment.
  6. Communicator.

Thus, even based on the number and variety of functions, we can conclude that the organization of this system is complex, it cannot be installed by a mediocre master, only professionals with extensive experience in this field can do this.

Advantages of “Smart Home”:

  1. The system can be controlled even when you are in another country thousands of kilometers from home, through a mobile application.
  2. “Smart Home” is adjusted to the habits and preferences of the owner, which allows you to optimize the system as much as possible and make it easy for the owner of the home.
  3. The presence of an IP camera allows you to ensure maximum security of a residential facility. Its advantage is the ability to work in an energy-saving mode until such time as any active actions begin to take place near it.
  4. For many, the ability of the system to independently turn off devices that, for some reason, were not disconnected from the power supply by the owner, is very relevant. Now an iron, kettle or toaster plugged into the Smart Plug will not cause a fire and will save energy consumption.

And the best part is that today you can get a project of the Smart Home system as a gift.