How to make everyday life easier with a smart home

Over the past 20 years, the Smart home system has gained such widespread popularity that smart cities already exist in developed countries. In Europe, more than 20% of buildings are equipped with this system. Almost all influential people install it in their homes. Now this technology is available in Ukraine, as well as in other countries.

What is the smart home technology used for?

Providing comfort and coziness is its main task. Because of daily worries, affairs and stress, you can easily forget to close the garage, or disconnect the stove or iron from the outlet. Thanks to the automated system of household processes, the homeowner will not need to go or run home from work, because all of them can be controlled remotely from a mobile phone.

The control module is able to independently monitor the state of the house, transmitting notifications to the smartphone. In addition, you can configure it to make decisions set in advance by the owner of the house. For example, if a water leak is detected, the system will automatically close the root tap at the inlet. Similar functions are provided for heating and gas supply systems.

Thus, the owner of the house no longer needs to worry about their housing, be distracted by trifles and spend a lot of time solving household issues or emergencies. Most of the tasks can be automated with the smart home system:

install an alarm system to protect against burglars;
manage heating, water supply;
monitor the gas concentration and warn of leakage;
at any time of the day, watch through video cameras what is happening in the yard, what the children are doing in the room, etc.

And this is not all the functionality.

“Smart-home” is able to change the operating modes itself, depending on the time of day, or in the long absence of the owners.

Bring modern technology to life with MimiSystems

With MimiSystems, it’s easy to make a dream come true. This technology is now available to everyone in Ukraine. We are engaged in:

development of high-tech systems and devices aimed at the Ukrainian and foreign markets;
implementation of standards for the construction of “Smart-houses” using the latest technologies from leading companies in the field of automation;
production of engineering equipment and components for the construction of a “smart” home.
Our automated systems are optimized for worldwide use.