History of smart home

The idea of a smart home has been in people’s minds for a long time. Such a “crazy” invention has repeatedly skipped through the pages of books of the XX-th century. Science fiction writers described houses where everything works automatically and exclusively thanks to robots. Unfortunately, technological progress has reached the creation of such premises only in our days.

When did the smart home idea come up?

The first step was taken in the 60s, when the SPIRA brothers invented the first device capable of regulating the power of light. At that time, few people believed in the fairy tale about a smart home, but this invention was the impetus for the idea of creating an intelligent home.

A decade later, people invented a method of transmitting information over a single cable in order to control a number of devices. It was in the 70s that technology began to take leaps and bounds towards progress. It cost a lot of money and only the rich could afford the luxury of an automated home.

First attempts to create a smart home

The end of the twentieth century was marked by the appearance of transistors, digital controllers, microchips and other devices that could be programmed. They very quickly replaced outdated models of electrical appliances. After that, the first smart home projects appeared.

The first one was implemented in England. In this smart home, the following functions can be accessed:

Regulation of heat in the room;
Security algorithms;
Regulating the operation of garage doors.

In the 90s, a new stage of technology development began. Then a special Association of the electronic industry was created. Their work was aimed exclusively at creating a home where absolutely all processes are automated. After that, various sensors, touch panels, computing and logical mechanisms appeared, which later became integral elements of the smart home.

In 1999, a program was developed that allowed you to combine the operation and settings of all household appliances in one system and manage them via a computer.

Modern smart homes

Wi-Fi is a wireless technology that has revolutionized the history of the smart home. Now there are almost no wires in such houses, automation does not cost a lot of money, so it has become more accessible to ordinary people.

Thanks to the latest technologies and the Internet, you can configure access to engineering devices and systems, so that you can control your smart home even from your smartphone. Technologies allow you to control the light, temperature, ventilation, security system and everything that is filled with a smart home.

The main element of the smart home system is a microcomputer that has access to devices. The host can use it to turn the device on or off, change settings, and so on.

Some modern technologies require design even during the construction of the house. If you design a room immediately for using smart home programs, it will be much easier to implement this technology in life.

Today, a smart home is an accessible reality for everyone, and not just fairy tales of science fiction.