Smart buildings

03 May 2021

An intelligent building is a structure with modern architectural and engineering solutions, which are combined into one management complex. An automated smart home management system or BMS is a set of programs and equipment that allows subsystems to coordinate with each other.

In European countries, the BMS system is actively used in the construction and operation of buildings. This is confirmed by the existence of regulatory documents and standards. Russia has also developed a similar standard, but it is only a recommendation.

BMS Features

Thanks to the automated control system, all operations and processes occurring in the building are controlled. Using BMS allows for centralized management:

electric power supply system;
air conditioning and ventilation system;
heat supply system;
water supply system, etc.

For example, such a system automatically, regardless of any weather conditions, is able to maintain a comfortable level of temperature and humidity in the room. In addition, the Building Management System allows you to consume resources wisely and economically. If, for example, there are no people in the room, then the lighting will automatically be reduced, and the climate equipment will switch to economy mode.

In an automated system, the human factor is minimal, which ensures the reliability of engineering systems. The BMS constantly monitors the state of the communication systems. If problems occur, the system immediately notifies employees and eliminates the consequences.

What is intelligence?

In Ukraine, such innovative systems are rarely used. As a rule, you can only find the Building Management System in projects belonging to the premium or elite segment. For example, such a project is the elite complex Victory Park Residences, which is located in the Dorogomilovo district.

Features of the intellectual complex Victory Park Residences

The automated system provides constant, continuous management of such systems as:


This management allows you to provide the most comfortable accommodation.

All fire alarm systems are also consolidated with the BMS system. In the event of a fire, the system provides smoke ventilation for the safe evacuation of people.

Both motion sensors and daylight sensors are installed in the elite complex. Therefore, the system is able to adjust the LED lights, taking into account the level of natural light and the presence of people in the room.

The second category of reliability of the power supply of the complex means that in the event of an accident, the BMS system will automatically connect the reserve, and ensure an uninterrupted supply of electricity.

The complex consists of eight low-rise buildings, which have their own park and their own shopping center.