Characteristics, varieties and advantages of “smart” light bulbs and lamps

03 May 2021

Bright lighting plays an important role in creating a comfortable environment in a smart home. Hiper produces many different models of “smart” light bulbs and lamps.


“Smart” lamps can be turned on and off by voice commands or using the “Smart Home” system. These lamps have the following characteristics:

Remote activation system;
brightness adjustment sensor;
color adjustment sensor.

Some models of these lamps can change the saturation and color on command. The mode of their operation allows you to operate the night lights in different modes. They can operate at minimum, medium, or maximum brightness and emit bright, neutral, or cool light. “Smart” sconces emit a luminous flux of different colors. It happens sometimes:

rich blue;
pale green;
bright red.

These lamps are equipped with up to five powerful LED elements.

Operating mode

Control measurements were made for six models of lamps of this type and certain conclusions were drawn.

C1 RGB Lamp

It is made in the form of a narrow candle, emits a bright, white light and operates with a power in the range of 5.1 to 5.2 watts. One such lamp can replace a conventional electric lamp that operates with a power of up to sixty watts. In the operating mode, in the color version, it consumes only 1 watt of electricity. In this model, there is no ripple mode, both warm and cold LEDs are installed.

Lamp B1 RGB

This lamp has a special base and can work in both white and color modes. Its normal power consumption rate does not exceed 5.1 watts. One B1 RGB night light completely replaces a fifty-watt collagen light bulb. When working in color mode, its power is reduced to one wad. At the same time, the lamp emits a luminous flux of up to nineteen lumens.

Filament lamps

These luminaires use filament technology, which allows you to adjust and smoothly switch the light flows. Night lights of this type can emit both warm and cold glow. Consider the technical characteristics of four models of filament lamps. To do this, we use the following models:


These lamps work with a power of up to 7.2 watts, easily replacing conventional incandescent lamps at eighty watts. They have:

A slight ripple;
equipped with LEDs with cold and warm lighting;
they can work in color mode.

In lamps of this type, there are high color transfer rates. Each package indicates the operating voltage in the electrical network at which the lamps will work well. This range corresponds to the usual network parameters in the range from 220 to 250 volts. At a lower voltage, the lamps do not work stably and begin to blink frequently.


“Smart” lamps have many advantages over conventional light bulbs:

they emit a beautiful light;
have a long service life;
can be controlled via a WiFi network.

These lamps are easily switched on and off via a special mobile app in your smartphone. Despite all these advantages, the cost of such products is a little high. For one such light bulb will have to pay from 350 to 700 UAH.