Where to install a Wifi Relay? (TOP 7 Smart Home Solutions)

The main component of a modern Smart Home is a good wireless Internet connection. You will not be able to do without installing a WiFi relay. This small-sized device allows you to organize fast data transfer for executable devices. But where to install the device so that it is not noticeable and at the same time copes with its functions one hundred percent?


The dimensions of the WiFi relay are small, which makes it possible to install them directly in one of the lamps. As soon as the standard light switch has been placed, the relay can be secured. Since the switch is always connected to the power supply, the relay will allow you to remotely transmit commands to the system.

Remote power off

There are different situations in life. Sometimes you may need to be able to quickly and easily interrupt the power supply chain remotely. The WiFi relay is installed directly in the power supply circuit and allows you to connect to the electromagnetic lock, even when you are far from home. But the main thing is to install specific devices. Because in the event of a failure, the entire system may shut down. You should protect yourself by connecting the controller to an uninterruptible power supply. Then the relay will continue working under any circumstances.

Control of water supply in the apartment

To control the water supply, two types of relays are suitable:


To install the device you need according to the following plan:

To make the circuit of one pair;
To block the flow of water;
To make the circuit of the second pair;
Open the water flow.

Thanks to the installation of a relay, you can get information about water if it falls on the floor in a large enough amount.


The most dangerous devices in everyday use can be considered heating devices connected to the power grid. It is necessary to monitor the achievement of a certain temperature and immediately stop the devices. This is the only way to protect your home from too high a temperature or a failure in the heating system. As the time relay is suitable for control of such devices.

Wi-Fi router

Using the relay, you can control the operation of the Wi-Fi router. Sometimes the Internet may not work well, and the wireless device itself is too far away. You can set a relay for remote disconnecting and connecting the router. In this way, the device will be rebooted and you will not have to worry about the difficulties of using the Internet on a daily basis.

The transfer switch is inconvenient

Sometimes, during repairs, it is not possible to install all the switches in the correct place. You have to spend extra time finding each switch. In order not to lose time in vain, you should install the relay by connecting it to a wireless switch. A remarkable solution in modern conditions.

Pet care

One of the most common problems is the lack of time for an adult to monitor the condition of some animals. For some Pets, you need a special warm-up lamp or UV lamp. Just for these purposes, the use of a special WiFi relay is perfect.