Eco-friendly home and life. Smart Home and Progress

10 November 2021

A smart home implies a whole set of various devices that enable the owner to remotely control absolutely all processes in the house. For example, you can remotely turn on the heating or air conditioning and come home already in the optimal climate. Among other things, this system is quite able to react promptly to unauthorized entry, the occurrence of almost any emergency situation and much more. And it is quite possible to manage all this today even from your own smartphone. 

Moreover, even if an absolutely eco-friendly house is used, this is not at all a reason to abandon modern technologies that can significantly simplify life. The main thing is that the use of these technologies is absolutely justified and does not make the quality of life lower. A striking example is the concept of a smart home, which is based on the use of electronic household management systems. It should be noted that such systems have been used in offices for many years, but today they are gaining more and more popularity in household management.

A smart home system, as a rule, consists of a controller, sensors and performers. A controller means a computerized control device that receives information from all elements of the system, analyzes it and, based on it, gives certain commands within the framework of the embedded program. The sensors have the function of collecting information about the environment. The executors implement the commands given by the controllers. 

Just a decade ago, a fairly large number of technical devices appeared that allowed this system to reach a qualitatively new level of functioning. Such devices include not only modern smartphones, but also affordable CCTV cameras, LED lamps with motion and noise sensors and other remotely controlled devices. Among other things, today you can communicate with your home in the truest sense of the word. Now there are smart speakers with voice control and an assistant, so it becomes quite realistic to ask the system everyday questions and immediately get an answer.

But not only the smart home system has reached a new level, but also all its components. For example, modern security systems simply cannot be compared with the previous generation, since the old models did not have so much functionality. 

To “communicate” with all its components, this system uses a wireless connection. It can be either a traditional Bluetooth or a more modern version of Wi-Fi. Using such a system in your own home allows you not only to provide the most comfortable living conditions, but also to free up a large amount of time that was occupied by routine work.


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