Homes are getting smarter For

08 February 2022

A relatively long time, automated systems were an exclusive advantage of office buildings. People didn’t really trust the smart home. But the years go by, unjustified prejudice disappears, and systems that make life easier for a person gradually fill private homes.

Frank Lange, managing director of the Windows+ Facade Association, says so too. (VFF): “Skepticism has faded, with nearly 40% of consumers using smart home apps.” According to Frank, taken from his interview, it becomes clear that not only ordinary citizens, but also builders admitted that they were wrong. It was difficult to continue to turn a blind eye to the obvious facts: an intelligent home will provide comfort and safety, and save energy.

Smart home ventilation

system Automated systems are now at the peak of their development. Previously, their job consisted only of timely closing of doors or some minimal entertainment. Now the functionality of various mechanisms has risen to a completely new level. Your windows will automatically assess the quality of the air in the room and, if necessary, will open for ventilation. A similar principle of operation for an automated heating system.

On especially hot days, the smart home will cool the room on its own. If the temperature in the room exceeds the norm, the blackout will automatically fall on the windows. It is very comfortable. The technology allows you to reduce the temperature in the room by about 10 degrees.

Protection from intruders

No one can be surprised by light motion sensors. After installing a smart home, you can forget about manual control of switches, but these are trifles compared to a program that simulates the presence of a person in an apartment. It is this system that will repel ill-wishers from your property. This is done with the help of lamps that automatically turn on and off, or roller shutters, which, without action from the outside, will rise and fall from time to time.

Smart home is also linked to your mobile device. If you try to hack and unauthorized entry, you will receive a notification from the application and will be able to take the necessary measures in time.

Control system

In this regard, users can customize everything for themselves. It is possible to mount the entire panel on the wall or control it with a remote control. The method of connecting the house to the application has already been mentioned above. In addition, control through a voice assistant is considered convenient (the manufacturer does not play a role).

Partial installation of the system is also possible. Lange says of this: “If you’re still unsure, manufacturers offer entry-level packages. These can be easily expanded later, and this ensures you’re laying the foundation for a practical and modern property that makes life easier and saves your wallet.”

Summing up, we can note the main advantages of a smart home:

  • convenience and comfort
  • home security
  • energy savings (which also helps to save the environment and not harm the climate)