Adding underfloor heating controllers to the smart home

06 October 2021

Those who have underfloor heating in the apartment will be interested in the option of remote control of controllers. You can order floor heating controllers in online stores. The assortment on the Internet is represented by various models of devices. The controller options are not very different from each other. The functionality is usually the same, the difference is only in appearance. The latest models have touch control buttons, simulating part of the screen.

The control of underfloor heating controllers works through an application that needs to be added to the program. Instructions for adding can be viewed on YouTube.

Connection of underfloor heating in the smart home system

Underfloor heating and remote control of it in the smart home system is very convenient, since it can be controlled from any location, in addition, it is cost-effective, since it allows you to save electricity consumption.

By installing the appropriate program, you can control the underfloor heating with the following options:

  • Manual – performed by manually setting the desired temperature mode on the sensor ;
  • Automatic – the central control panel is installed, on which various temperature modes are set;
  • Remote – using a sound command or remote control;
  • Remote – using the Internet.

Currently, due to the wide spread of the global Internet, a remote way to control the functions of a smart home, including underfloor heating, is in demand. Management can be carried out using a tablet or smartphone by installing a special program beforehand. Communication of these devices with the home and remote control takes place via the Internet, if both devices are simultaneously connected to the World Wide Web.


It is necessary to install a specific application for controlling the underfloor heating remotely, taking into account the manufacturer of the controller. For example, if the controller is from BroadLink, you need to download an application from BroadLink from the market. After downloading and installing the application, you can adjust and configure the operation of the underfloor heating. If there are difficulties in setting up, as an option, you can get acquainted with other models of controllers through the Internet search engine, see their configuration paths. Almost all the controllers are similar in management and functionality, including installation. 

As a rule, there is only one way to install and configure the parameters – download the integration to the custom_components folder, at the same time be sure to install HACS, select the button with the search for a new device and find the integration in the search, reboot.

If everything is done correctly, you should go to your application, after restarting a new device will be added that you can control.

In conclusion

The development of high technologies in modern times greatly simplifies and improves living conditions. By adding floor heating controllers to the smart home system, you will create maximum comfort.


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