Why do I need a smart home?

Home automation is becoming more and more popular, and Smart home systems are being used more and more often, both in apartments of multi-storey buildings and in country cottages. With this system, you can significantly increase the comfort level of any home, as well as raise the level of security to a new level. Smart House allows you to save electricity and gas, which has a positive effect on the amount of payment for housing and utilities services.

What can the smart home system manage?

With this system, you can manage:

Home electrical appliances.
Home appliances.
Multimedia system.
Air conditioning system.
Heating system.
Lighting device.
Automatic blinds that are equipped with a servo drive.
Ventilation system, etc.

If the Smart House system is equipped with a country cottage, it will allow you to control the heating of the porch and paths on the plot. You can also use this system to regulate the temperature of the water in the pool, or automate the walking of Pets. The smart home allows you to automatically feed Pets, as well as supply water to Pets at a set time.

Surveillance system

Smart House can be equipped with a video surveillance system, with which you can track everything that happens in the house in real time, and transmit the image to any device. It could be:

a laptop;
a computer;

You can view video information via the Internet, from any geographical point of the world. You can also use your smartphone or tablet to control all Smart House modules. Everything that happens in a house or apartment is recorded on an electronic medium, which allows you to store a large amount of information.


The smart home video surveillance system can work in conjunction with the security system if you equip the surveillance with special cameras – with motion sensors. These sensors detect any movement in the house, which allows you to track any unauthorized intrusion. If a stranger enters the apartment or cottage in the absence of the owners, an SMS message about the threat will immediately be sent to the smartphone of the owner of the house.

The Smart home security system also includes smoke and gas detectors. Smoke detectors detect even the slightest smoke and send an alarm signal to the fire Department during operation. Along with the alarm, an SMS message is also sent to the owner of the house or apartment. Gas sensors track the concentration of gas in the air, and in case of exceeding the maximum permissible threshold of gas contamination, a text message is sent to the smartphone of the owner of the residential area, and along with this, an alarm is activated.

Other features

With the Smart House system, the heating system can be set up differentially for optimal consumption of natural gas or electricity. You can also configure the air conditioner operation effectively. Moreover, the Smart home allows you to create management scenarios that are adapted to a particular event. For example, you can configure the “Party” scenario, and the Smart home system will automatically control the home media system and TV equipment, and the heating or air conditioning system will automatically maintain the set temperature throughout the event. Scenarios are created in advance and configured for specific tasks. For example, the “Vacation” scenario will allow you to configure all systems in the house to work in energy-saving mode, which will significantly reduce the cost of housing and utilities services.