Security sensors (surveillance cameras, smart speakers) are the growth drivers of the Smart Home project

06 October 2021

IDC research company talks about the rapidly growing market of the project: smart home. In the next four years, the volume should increase by 50%. Explosive growth is easy to trace: two years ago, the increase was 4.5% (805 million units in 2020). In four years (2025), 1.4 million units of devices will be sold, which is more than 12% per year.

Basic trends

Providing protection is the main function of a smart home. Actively used: sensors of opening, movement, leakage, etc. All this is an incomplete list of IoT solutions that can ensure the protection of home ownership. According to IDC analytical research: video monitoring systems exceed more than 23% of the total volume of the Smart Home project.

Synchronization takes an important place. If the automation system is already activated, then universal blocks or devices from a new manufacturer are often used as an addition.

Example: The MTS Smart Home system supports blocks from a variety of manufacturers (including rubetek). There are government programs that expand the list of IoT technologies. All of them are usually used in housing and communal services.

In the summer months of 2021, reports were published on the growth of investments up to 400 billion rubles in the next ten years (until 2030).

The prospects

Investments will be made in four main programs:

  1. “New smart home” (home management using the Network).
  2. “We decide together” (taking into account feedback when drafting municipal projects).
  3. “One-click construction” (improvement of office work between the contractor and the Ministry of Construction)
  4. “Digital infrastructure of housing and communal services”.

Digital technologies are present everywhere, including when buying a home. Marketing analytics (conducted with the firm “BEST-Novostroy”) informs: buyers of real estate additionally pay for the functionality.

Over 35% of respondents do not object to the installation of services at the construction stage. The increase in housing prices will be up to 200 thousand rubles; However, this will be perceived as unavoidable associated costs.

The age of the audience ranged from 18 to 65 years, three-quarters of respondents considered the prospects of buying a home in the medium (or near) term. The majority of respondents answered that they dream of a house with a “smart” filling.

Half of the citizens say that it is desirable that housing be filled with blocks of smart home ecosystems. A third of respondents (34%) express a wish for the presence of microclimate adjustment using digital devices.

Fire sensors and gas leaks are also in demand (more than 18%). The development of the technological direction will continue, serious investments will be made in the industry in the foreseeable future. Technologies are being improved, a new generation of more miniature and productive devices is emerging. There are great prospects for this direction.


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