What you will need to make your home truly smart

03 March 2021

The intelligent system of a smart home includes the use of various modern gadgets. The house itself is controlled by a voice assistant. On the Internet, you can find the sites of the main magnates in the field of electronics, where they sell all sorts of devices from light bulbs to door opening sensors.

In modern life, we call a smart electronic system robots. It is divided into 3 groups:

Electronics that improve the quality of life. It includes: lighting, sleep trackers, smart scales, touch blinds, a robot vacuum cleaner, and more.
Warning sensors. For example, sensors for water leakage, fire safety, opening doors and windows, alarm systems and other various meters.
Home security system. This category includes a video surveillance system, electronic door locks, and even a shelter room.

The main task of smart home developers is to make it simple, convenient and affordable.

In order to make your home smart, the first thing you need is a wired connection and a radio channel. During your absence, you have the ability to monitor your home and change settings remotely.

Which set of the complex to choose depends on your budget. Over time, the complex can be expanded and the necessary control systems can be purchased.

Consider the basic complex for an apartment: control units, the operation of the air conditioner, ducts, lighting devices. You also need options for controlling sockets, underfloor heating, curtains, multimedia and motion sensors.

Let’s calculate how much a smart home will cost based on the basic complex:

a set of MimiSmart smart lighting, will be from 5000 to 6000 rubles.;
LG acoustics will cost you 8000 rubles.;
Legrand smart sockets 3400 rubles.;
sensors on Windows and doors Netatmo DTG-EC 9200 RUB.;
online Smart wifi switch Hiper IoT Switch B02, 2 lines, near – 3,000 rubles;
biometric door locks from Kaadas – 17000 RUB.;
ceiling lamp Xiaomi Yeelight Ceiling Light Jade – 7600 RUB.;
the water leak sensor Water Guard was 9000 RUB.;
Petoneer smart air purifier AirMaster – 14500 RUB.;
robot vacuum cleaner Garlyn SR-600 – 35000 RUB.;
smart sleep tracker SleepAce RestOn – 12000 RUB.;
smart diagnostic scale Picooc Big Pro-6000 RUB.;
monitoring station indoor air Netatmo NHC-EC – 12000 RUB.;
Xiaomi smart home kit – 4300 rubles.

All of the above gadgets will cost about 150 thousand rubles. You can save a little and buy them at discounts. This does not include the control system for underfloor heating, curtains, and air conditioning. If desired, a motion sensor and a video surveillance system are installed. If you include everything in the calculation, then a smart apartment will cost at the lowest cost of 300 thousand rubles.

Suburban real estate has much more equipment options. To create a smart home in a country cottage, you will additionally need a video intercom, a heating system, a lawn irrigation system, gate control, a large number of electronic locks and a multiroom.

Increasingly, the smart home management system is in demand among consumers. It allows you not only to keep the house in comfort, but also in safety.