What is a Smart home?

People try to make their life as cozy and comfortable as possible. Recently, you can hear the phrase “smart home”more and more often. However, not many people know what it is.

The smart house system allows you to control devices at a distance, control the temperature mode, turn off and turn on the light. A smart home is a system that combines lighting, indoor climate control equipment, and other electronic devices.

Smart system features

The features of such a house include: a high level of comfort and safety in housing and reasonable energy consumption.

Customizable scenarios and different modules can provide almost limitless possibilities. You can control the light consumption, control the intercom, alarm system, monitor water or gas leaks, etc.

Everything works quite simply. To begin with, the sensors transmit data to the server via the hub and from there they are transmitted to a special app on the phone.

The possibilities of smart home
it is possible to customize household appliances. You can set a command to turn on an electrical device at a certain time. For example, turn on the heater some time before the owner comes home from work;
you can control the smart home system from anywhere, from anywhere in the world. If the owner went on vacation, he can, for example, in hot weather to improve the efficiency of the refrigerator in the house;
settings of household appliances of the type upon the occurrence of certain circumstances. For example, you can set the air conditioner to turn on when the temperature rises to a certain threshold;
manage voice commands. In addition, you can use this control to access the Internet, search for the necessary information, play the specified videos on the TV, or perform any other actions that are associated with it.
What elements are included in the smart house
the smart home is equipped with a controller (hub). It combines all the other elements of a smart system into one. In other words, it is the” brain ” of a smart home;
sensors – devices that receive information about the state of the room, household appliances and feed them to the controller;
appliances. These devices are also an integral part of the smart system, because the work is mainly aimed at organizing the functioning of this technology;
actuators are devices that execute commands coming from the hub.

Smart homes also include security features such as video surveillance, alarm systems, motion sensors, door openings, and Gorenje.

If you decide to install a smart home system in your home, you need to contact professionals from specialized companies who will help you make the right choice, advise you and, of course, make the right installation. After all, the installation will depend on the correct functioning of the entire system as a whole. Moreover, you need to choose not budget equipment, but more expensive, and then it will serve for many years without failures.