What is a Smart home?

Everyone dreamed of their own home, which is so often shown in films? Anyone would like to pick up a “magic” remote control with many buttons, pressing which you can turn on relaxing music, put the kettle on and warm up a delicious dinner. But no one could even think that now in the age of modern technology, all this is real and possible.

Let’s now take a closer look at what helpers we can now install in our home to make life easier and more convenient.

“Dry” life at home

All of us have heard about how friends from below were flooded by neighbors from above and after there were long proceedings about who and how should compensate for the damage caused. To prevent such situations, it is recommended to install water leak sensors in the house. These sensors usually consist of 1-controller, 2-sensors and 3-shut-off valves with electrical wires. They easily detect leaks and immediately cut off the water supply, which helps to save both the family budget and your nerves.

In the daily search

Stayed in the house for a while looking for keys and got stuck in traffic again? So that such incidents no longer occur and you do not have to spend your morning gymnastics in search of keys, we have come up with gadgets that allow you to track the location of any thing to which you have attached a sensor. In a special application installed on your phone, you will see a map that will display the location of the “lost”.

It is convenient that you can attach the sensor to any thing, whether it is a TV remote control or even a pet that likes to run away from home. In the app, you can also assign a “different” place to each item, and the app will remind you if the item is not there.

The main thing is the weather in the house

To maintain constant well-being, it is important to monitor the temperature and humidity of the air. In this difficult and exciting task, you can help climate control systems, which have both day and night modes, and for those who have a personal library at home and for those who like non-standard house temperature, multi-zone systems are built in (this allows you to set an individual indicator for each room), which, you will agree, is very convenient.

The morning starts with coffee

How hard it is sometimes to wake up and think about getting out of a warm bed and going to work when it’s so cold outside. In winter and autumn, you are not woken up by the bright sun with its warm rays and the birds are not chirping happily, but you can be woken up by an alarm clock that will start making coffee for you at the same time! It is much more pleasant to wake up to the pleasant smell of a freshly prepared drink, and if coffee is not your best friend, then the alarm clock can also make tea. Such a miracle of technology, we should be grateful to the British designer Joshua Renouf.

A bed that you can never get up from-easy

There are special cases with built-in USB connectors that fit on the legs of the bed, which allows you not to get up in search of charging or reach for the outlet and try to connect your phone and other devices (watches, headphones, etc.) when you are already relaxed and do not want to get up.

Welcome back!

There is also an automatic lighting control system and a smart door lock, which will make the return home even more pleasant when working together. The automatic light control system, for example, helps to save on electricity, as it can turn off unused appliances, you can also select the desired level of illumination and create a suitable environment for any event.

A smart door lock with a built-in video call will help you see and even talk to a person who came to visit during your absence, or in this way you can track a secret admirer who leaves gifts.

Light mirror, tell me…

When going to work, it is convenient to give instructions to yourself in the reflection, which will be immediately executed-this is all thanks to the mirror with a voice assistant. This way you can adjust the lighting of the mirror itself or even turn on the kettle.

Don’t be afraid to experiment and let your home be cozy and high-tech.