What are smart sockets?

03 May 2021

Smart sockets are increasingly finding a place in our homes. They allow you to reduce energy consumption and at the same time increase the comfort of using and operating other electrical devices in the house. What useful features do smart sockets have?

Smart socket – what is it?

More and more people are trying to save on electricity consumption and thereby reduce their electricity bills. One good and effective way to do this is to buy smart sockets. Many people believe that such devices are expensive and they can not afford it. Nothing could be further from the truth. Inexpensive and modern sockets are equipped with special electronic systems, thanks to which conventional sockets with a voltage of about 220 V can become much more functional. A smart socket has a seemingly simple task-to control and coordinate the flow of electricity. Often, we can control the selected device from a smartphone thanks to the corresponding manufacturer’s application. As a result, we manage all of our home appliances and electronics, turning individual devices on and off, without having to get out of bed or chair.

Manufacturers of smart electrical outlets have equipped selected models with a function that allows you to not only control, but also accurately measure the energy consumed. Ease of installation is a big advantage of this type of accessories. You only need to insert a special ” pad ” on the contact located on the wall, countertop or table. Thus, intelligent electrical outlets guarantee control over the operation of the main devices used in the house, as well as over the consumption of electricity.

What should I pay attention to when choosing a smart outlet?

There are many models of smart sockets on the market. When choosing, you should pay attention to several important points. First, do not save too much on the purchase of this type of gadgets. Those that are sold at the lowest prices have much fewer features, which will not lead to noticeable savings. No less important is the form of communication with the outlet. In newer models, this is a connection via a home Wi-Fi network or the Internet. Of course, the best device will be one that can be controlled remotely, including outside the home. The ideal solution is to control the app installed on your smartphone. Thanks to it, we can both track the current power consumption of specific devices, and remotely turn them on and off. Another interesting feature of some smart electrical outlets is the ability to set the device to automatically turn on / off at certain times, such as the radio or TV after dark.

Undoubtedly, the use of smart sockets can significantly increase the safety of using household appliances and electronics at home. Most models of sockets are equipped with a high temperature sensor, which warns of overheating, and therefore of possible damage to the device connected to the power supply. It is also worth buying a model that has a function for controlling each type of lighting. This is a great and very useful option, especially in our absence (it can even prevent burglary).

A good smart socket should clearly display the power consumption statistics. In the best models, we can determine how often such reports will be generated and data collected, for example, once a day, once a week, month, or quarter. We can also decide in what form this information will be provided to us, for example, directly in the app or even by email. However, before that, let’s pay attention to the compatibility of the potential device with the operating system of our phone. Most models work with the most popular Android and iOS systems. Only a few sockets also work with Windows Phone.