What is a smart GSM socket and how to use it

04 September 2021

Today, household appliances can surprise with their functionality, for example, smart watches that can measure distance, pulse; robot vacuum cleaners that will help with cleaning; as well as other smart appliances that free you from the routine of housework. 

One of the details of a smart home is smart sockets that can be installed in every room for convenient use.

GSM socket: what functions does it have

A smart socket is an intermediary between an electrical appliance and the outlet to which it is connected. It is with the help of such a device that it will be possible to control the network from a distance using a mobile application installed on the phone. 

Inside the smart socket, you can find a board and a GPS module. It is also possible to insert a Sim card inside, with the help of which there will be an excellent opportunity to send messages to the device, due to which the power supply is adjusted to the mechanism that is connected. 

With the help of a smart socket installed in the house, you can no longer worry about the question of whether the iron is turned off, as well as any other electrical device from the network.

Types of GSM sockets: what are the options for smart sockets

Sockets may differ in the control method, which may be as follows:

  • transmitting signals via Wi-Fi;
  • manual operation;
  • control by sending a message or making a call.

The models of smart sockets also differ in the number of connectors:

  • singles;
  • in the form of an extension cord;
  • in the form of a block with 3 or more connectors.

Thanks to the wide variety of sockets, it will be possible to choose the most suitable option for functionality and other parameters for your home.

The use of smart sockets: what they can be used for

With the help of such smart sockets installed in the house, it will be possible to carry out the following:

  • remotely turn off certain electrical appliances while out of the house;
  • it will be possible to control the connection or disconnection of electrical appliances using your phone;
  • you can view the parameters of the devices – the voltage level and the heating temperature;
  • it will be possible to adjust the operating time of the devices, for example, to turn off unnecessary equipment for night work.

It is thanks to such a smart outlet that it will be possible to keep all available equipment under control in the house. Undoubtedly, smart sockets will simplify the whole process of managing your home. That is why such devices are in great demand. 

Before choosing the most suitable option for a smart socket, you must first familiarize yourself with its characteristics, description, and you also need to think about exactly where the socket will be placed. If the signal is transmitted via a SIM card, you will also have to buy them in the same quantity as the sockets will be purchased. 

Each model of the outlet will be accompanied by an instruction with which you can independently configure the smart device and immediately start using it in various rooms in the house.


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