What can a smart home manage?

“Smart home” allows you to shift some of the household chores to computer systems, in addition, they also notify about incidents by sending a message.

What is a smart home?

A computer system can be compared to a conductor running a huge orchestra. Only instead of musicians, individual elements of the life support system perform. The system itself consists of a computer or computer, sensors and tools that directly execute commands.

Areas of management

Smart home allows you to manage:

heating by maintaining the parameters set in the system;
water supply system;
gas supply system;
power consumption by switching on and off devices, switching them to saving modes;
fire protection – by extinguishing the fire and calling emergency services;
notification of incidents or changes in parameters via phone calls or messages (the number of subscribers is not limited).

Security systems are what customers are most interested in. They not only send messages and record unauthorized entry or attempts, but also simulate the presence of people and animals. An element of any security system is round-the-clock video surveillance with a record of what is happening.

Selected aspects of management

More specifically, the scope of smart home management may include:

indoor lighting;
setting the alarm;
pool management;
watering plants;
managing blinds;
management of individual household devices.

The lighting system can change the brightness, contrast, and intensity of the lighting.

The alarm clock notifies the owner by voice or melody, a huge selection is offered taking into account the variety of tastes.

The pool is controlled by controlling the heating of water and the operation of filters, which reduces the frequency of cleaning the pool by the owner or employees.

Watering of plants or lawn is provided at a set time with a given duration of the procedure.

Blinds are opened according to the schedule or depending on the presence of people in the room.

The actions of household devices are regulated by a remote control or computer systems. Sitting on a sofa or in an armchair, you can use the remote control to turn on and off individual devices, adjust lighting parameters, and perform other actions.

The remote control allows you to open the gate, turn on and off the alarm.

Remote management

The development of technology, in particular the emergence of the Internet, allows you to manage the house as a whole and its individual functions at a distance. Distance doesn’t matter.

Remote control also allows you to look after the house using a video surveillance system. At any time, you can change the operating scenario of individual devices and parameter settings. For example, with the help of a smart home, you can set the heating on for a different time, give the command to fill the pool, warm up food in the oven or microwave.

Remote control allows you to take care of children and elderly relatives.