A checklist of needs that will sooner or later make you the owner of a smart home

05 December 2021

Many residents of apartments and the private sector still do not believe in the useful functions of a smart home. But if you look closely at what they offer a “smart home”, it becomes clear to anyone – it should be installed in a dwelling. There are several serious reasons for this.

Comfort and economy

Comfort in housing has become decisive in our time. After all, people will be able to get enough sleep better and, as a result, have a higher working capacity. For example, if the blinds are lowered in a timely manner, then a pleasant darkness will be ready at any time. Even during the day! Any household appliances in the house can also be turned on automatically. Or switch off using radio sockets. It is worth activating the latter, as the equipment will turn off after a certain time. And the electric energy savings will be up to 10%, since the equipment operating in standby mode will be completely turned off. And the smart home system in the home only pays off quickly due to this.

Large living area

What should I do if the apartment or house has a large living area? Often there are several split systems that maintain a certain temperature for each room. Sometimes you need to run to manually adjust the comfortable temperature in the entire dwelling – this takes time, physical strength and often leads to one thing – energy overspending. In this case, if you install a smart home system, the temperature in the entire dwelling will be regulated automatically.

Prolonged absence

  1. Watering flowers. What should I do if I have to be away from my home for a long time? Really let the tenants in? No way! It is necessary to install a smart home system that can do almost everything for people – maintain a minimum temperature so that the flowers do not freeze in winter, and also water them in a timely manner using special devices.

  2. Pets. The smart home system will also allow you to feed and water pets automatically. If we take into account how much profile shelters charge for the care of animals, then it becomes clear – it is better to give this process to an automatic system that will fill the feeder with dry food at exactly the appointed moment!

  3. Imitation of presence. Everyone watched the movie “Home Alone”, where thieves decided to rob a rich house due to the fact that the owners had gone to Paris for Christmas. But if you install a smart home system, you can achieve an imitation of the presence of the owners – it will periodically turn on the lights in the rooms or even guarantee the barking of a dog.


While leaving the house, many people think – has the faucet been turned off in the house? Have you turned off the iron or not? In the smart home system, all this can be solved – sensors are installed that turn off water from the HVAC and DHW systems in automatic mode. Water leaks as if nothing had happened! And as mentioned above, if you attach radio sockets to standard sockets, the latter will automatically de-energize household appliances at the right moment.

A video intercom with one or more cameras is perfectly integrated into the security system. It is worth integrating it with a smart home system, as you can use the Internet to point the camera in any direction – at the door or the surrounding space. The advantage of modern video intercoms is the durability of operation – it is worth installing new batteries, as the system will be able to work offline for up to 6 months.


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