Wireless system for curtains

05 December 2021

You will be surprised how important curtains are in the house (especially in such crowded places where apartments are close from window to window), they play an important role in the decor, creating an atmosphere and bringing the room closer together – like rugs. So how do smart curtains come into play?

Well, this is a simple concept: smart curtains are ordinary curtains, with the exception of motor-equipped mechanisms and special sensors that provide remote access in applications that control the remote control of curtains, depending on the need. In general, these are quite smart and intuitive devices.

How to use smart curtains?

With a light motorized jerk, the smart curtains will automatically fully open or close depending on your command. Smart curtains can be controlled remotely, so say goodbye to the need to get up from your comfortable perch and close the curtains manually. With one simple click or push of a button, your curtains will open and close elegantly with a smooth and, most importantly, silent movement. You can also install a battery-powered wireless wall switch on the dining table, on the wall next to the door, or on the bedside table in the bedroom – anywhere.

If you have the option to use wired technology, you might want to think about wired motors. This allows the curtains to be integrated into a home automation system, which is ideal for large and heavy blinds, as it will have a constant power supply for motorization. If, on the other hand, you are worried about having to renovate your house to accommodate a curtain motor, there is another option to use a rechargeable battery that provides a wireless power solution, so you don’t have to compromise your interior.

Main Features of Smart Curtains:

  • The timer function allows users to schedule the opening and closing time of the curtain every day.

  • The remote allows you to control the curtains in your home without a smart home app.

  • The “Touch and Go” function makes it easy to control the curtain with a light touch.

How else can they be controlled?

If using the remote control seems a little uncomfortable (and God forbid if you lose it somewhere), another way to motorize blinds and curtains is to download and use an intuitive mobile application that controls your curtains from one convenient place – the smartphone that is glued to the palm of your hand. If you want to free your hands completely, you can use the voice control function by connecting the curtains to smart speakers such as Google Home, Yandex.Station or Amazon Echo Dot, and simply ask them to “open the curtains”!

There’s nothing better than waking up to natural sunlight when you can program your curtains to open as you wish, not to mention using voice commands to open them to the perfect position for certain lighting settings!


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