Automation in a country house

Automation systems for residential buildings and apartments are gradually ceasing to be something extravagant. But will they find their application in the arrangement of cottages and country cottages? What benefits can the installation of a smart home system for suburban real estate bring to a homeowner?

at this stage of its development, automation systems are able to solve the following tasks:

heating management;
lighting control;
security of the house and surrounding area;
control of the ventilation system.
Heating management

During the winter months, if the heating of a country house is turned on, it is on those rare days when the owners come to the dacha to spend the weekend or celebrate holidays. An automated system integrated into the energy system of the house is able to regulate the air temperature in the room in the absence of the owner.

For example, the owners of a country house decided to spend the weekend there. At lunchtime on Friday, the owner contacts the system via a mobile app and gives an order to turn on the heating in accordance with such a scenario that the temperature in the house is at an acceptable level by the planned arrival.

Also, the system can maintain the temperature of the house without the presence of the owner at such a level that the house does not freeze even in the most severe frosts — this saves furniture and household items.

Lighting control

Control of lighting devices operating in the house and in the surrounding area is another effective feature of the smart home system, which will not only add comfort, but also help to save significantly.

The automation system can be configured by the owner in such a way as to maximize the use of electricity for lighting at different times of the day and in different modes. For example, the system can be equipped with motion sensors to turn off the lighting in rooms when the owners are not active. The “dim light” function can be configured to use a minimum of light at night.

Also, smart lighting can be configured as a passive safety system — when motion sensors detect a potential danger around the perimeter of the land plot or in the yard, the light in the yard will turn on at maximum power.

Protection of the surrounding area

To use the “smart home” system for territory protection, the following functions can be used: a lighting system integrated with motion sensors, control of the sound signal system integrated with the environmental analysis system, the ability to automatically send alarm signals and video recordings of what is happening to the owners, law enforcement agencies and security companies.

Ventilation control

Integration of the automatic house control system into the house ventilation and air conditioning system will help to achieve a stable effect of fresh air in the house, help to control humidity. As a result, the owner of the house will always be able to breathe deeply, furniture will not deteriorate from high humidity, and linen and clothing will not get wet.