8 smart gadgets for the home that will help us in everyday life

In today’s world, in which the Internet and wireless networks have taken a significant place, people can not imagine their life without gadgets. These devices are able to automate a significant part of household chores, as they are controlled from a smartphone.

Smart gadgets for the home that will help us in everyday life.
Gadgets that ensure the safety of premises:
1. Smart lock

This lock is installed on top of the usual one, can be used in a private house, apartment or office. It is equipped with a Bluetooth module and is controlled by a smartphone at a short distance. This lock automatically opens and closes, notifies you of the time of use and access.

2. Surveillance camera

By choosing a smart camera, you will be able to control the situation when you are not at home. See what children or elderly people are doing. Modern models save the archive on a memory card or in the cloud. The following camera models are currently popular:

– Canary, the most affordable, takes pictures with sound and measures the parameters of the indoor air, which is transmitted to the smartphone

– Nest Cam, writes sound without background noise, has a significant viewing angle, captured videos remain in storage

– Nest Cam Outdoor camera, has a microphone, Full HD resolution and infrared LEDs

3. Protective sensors

They are installed on windows and doors, run on battery power and control opening and closing, and perform the following functions:

– disable the alarm system

– turn on the light

– turn off the air conditioner if the window opens

4. Smart sockets

This gadget looks like a regular socket, but is controlled from a smartphone. It can change the brightness of the light, determine the power consumption of the device and the load on the outlet, turn the device on and off at a given time.

Gadgets that provide comfort for a person:
1. Smart climate systems

The climate system in the house will help to establish comfortable conditions, choose the temperature regime and humidity. Installed thermostats increase the efficiency of heating devices and help save money.

2. Smart Assistants

Smart speakers and stations help you control equipment, turn on TV programs, select a radio station, search for information on the Internet, and can start a timer.

3. Smart lights

Now on the market are lamps that are controlled from a smartphone and perform the following functions:

– change the brightness or color of the lighting

– performs the function of a column

– have voice control

– serve as a station for wireless charging (lamp hometree Light Of the Tree)

4. Smart home appliances

Modern refrigerators, kettles, ovens and washing machines have also become smart. A modern refrigerator not only provides food storage, but also serves as a loudspeaker when talking, and a smart vacuum cleaner cleans the apartment and goes to the base for recharging itself.

Among the presented variety of smart gadgets, each of you will be able to choose your own, based on your preferences and tasks that are designed to solve smart smart devices.