5 Unmatched Smart Home Systems with Aliexpress

Technological innovations from “Ali Express” appear on the market every month, they are ideally suited to the intelligent system “Smart Home”. Consider the most famous of them.

1. LED lamp

The intensity of the lighting is adjusted using a smartphone

Must be Bluetooth 4.0, built-in functionality saves various types of software:

iOS 8,0;
Android 4,3.

Works more than 16 million shades, there are various dynamic modes. As well as synchronization functionality. Also have:

Remote control.

Software can be said through two channels:

google play;
APP Store.

There is voice control (7 languages). The number of connections for “Android” is 4 lamps. For the system – IOS6 pcs.

2. Remote control: Wifi

Works on a Wi-Fi network. Maintains and monitors states. The status is granted

EWeLink. Allows you to turn on or off devices at a distance. Up to eight timers can be connected. It is also possible to support various devices for turning on and off lighting in the “Wi-Fi” system. All operations can be performed using a single smartphone.

The work is compatible with the software:

Amazon Echo.
Echo Dot.
Amazon Tap.
Google Home.
Google Nest.

It differs favorably with good functionality and easy to work with. It has miniature parameters: 89x37x24 mm.

3. Wi-Fi socket

It is possible to adjust the work at a distance. There is a chance to check the energy level, collect statistics and monitor the level of consumption.

in watts

cost (only for SP3S)

There is a timer that is responsible for timely activation of the device. If the socket is in standby mode, it can automatically turn off. It benefits from simple remote control. It looks aesthetically attractive.

4. WiFi switch

A touch-sensitive device that allows you to save energy online. It is controlled by a smartphone. It is able to work in parallel with several devices (up to 3 pcs.). It can withstand power up to 2250 watts. Compatible with all versions of the OS “Android” and “IOS”). The case is made of heavy-duty plastic, is not afraid of sharp impacts, is not afraid of high temperatures.

It looks modern and aesthetically attractive, suitable for almost any interior. There is voice control via Wi-Fi socket. Running through the soft:

Amazon Alexa.
Google Home.

Performs parallel configuration for eight timers. Switching can be done using two dozen phones at the same time. Configuration can be done using a router.

5. Cartridge adjustable via Wi-Fi

The “Wi-Fi” cartridge is able to connect to the E27 light bulb. There is a chance to control the lamps using the WeLink software application (using a smartphone). Additional functionality is available for mounting up to eight timers that allow you to turn the lamps on and off. It is powered by WeLink mobile software, which allows you to easily monitor all devices online. E27 is perfectly compatible with all Russian standards.