20 products from AliExpress for creating a Smart home

05 August 2021

20 products from Aliexpress that will significantly simplify your life

Currently, progress does not stand still and every year more and more gadgets appear on the market of equipment and electronics, which significantly facilitate life. Here are some of the most popular:

  • Smart door lock. It is equipped with various sensors, scanners, and also supports the Bluetooth interface. When you unlock the door, it automatically triggers and the air conditioner, kettle, video surveillance and much more are turned on in the house. If someone tries to break into the door or the scanner was read 3 times incorrectly, then a notification about the hacking attempt is sent to the owner’s smartphone.
  • Xiaomi robot vacuum cleaner. It can carry out both wet and dry cleaning. This is a small, but very fast device that is able to quickly clean any surface from contamination, and after completion of work, it automatically returns to the base for recharging.
  • The controller for controlling the curtains of the Aqara Smart Window Motor B1. A special application is installed on the smartphone that allows you to adjust the time and position of the curtains. They can open in the morning and close in the evening without your participation.
  • Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 3C Air Purifier. Especially a necessary thing for those who have children. This cleaner has a display that displays all the necessary data, starting with the dust level and ending with the temperature and humidity in the room. It is able to collect even the smallest dust particles.
  • Xiaomi Mijia Cleargrass Air Detector Air Analyzer. Thanks to it, you can adjust the optimal air temperature in the room. It analyzes it independently, and the display shows the weather, humidity of the room, time and much more. In addition, the gadget is very easy to use. To charge it, you will need a USB connector.
  • The Aqara smart home kit. This is a whole set of useful devices that can be controlled from anywhere in the world. The kit includes: wireless switches, motion sensors, analysis of humidity and temperature in the room.
  • Xiaomi door video call. Thanks to this gadget, you will be able to recognize an unwanted guest in a timely manner and not open the door to him. If a person stands in front of the door for a long time, the sensor will start automatic recording, and then send it to the owner’s smartphone.
  • Ceiling Lamp Yeelight LED Ceiling Lamp. This is an unusual lamp that only improves lighting, but can also adjust to a certain mood of a person. Create your own atmosphere with the Yeelight LED Ceiling Lamp. In addition, if a person has a bracelet that recognizes that a person is asleep, it transmits data to the lamp and it automatically turns off the lighting.
  • Ninestars smart trash can. It is designed for 10 liters, and thanks to the recognition sensor, it automatically opens at a distance of 32 cm. The bucket is powered by ordinary batteries, which will last for a year.
  • Xiaomi VH Wireless Heated Cup. This model also acts as a charger. You can drink coffee and tea from it. It is able to maintain a temperature of up to 55 degrees.
  • Xiaomi Bedside Lamp 2. With such a lamp, you can independently adjust the lighting and temperature at any time using a special mobile application.
  • Konlen KL SC1 GSMV GSM socket. This is a” smart ” socket that allows you to control devices using a mobile device. It can turn off appliances, open doors, and adjust the temperature in the room.
  • Xiaomi Mijia Honeywell smoke detector. This is one of the most useful sensors, both in the house and in the apartment. It will detect a large accumulation of smoke and a possible fire and instantly sends a notification to the owner’s mobile application.
  • Touch nozzle for Xiaomi Induction Home Water faucet. If you are tired of the usual tap, which you have to pull several times a day, then this nozzle is exactly what you need. The sensor is triggered within a radius of 10 cm.
  • Vibration sensor. If you have safes that need protection, then you can install such a sensor. As soon as it detects suspicious vibrations, it will immediately send a notification to your smartphone. For more convenient use, it is possible to adjust the vibration to avoid false alarms.
  • Temperature and humidity sensor. This gadget analyzes and collects data on the temperature and humidity in the room. In combination with air conditioning, a fan and a humidifier, it will create comfortable climatic conditions.
  • The Aquara Cube controller. This small but very multifunctional controller allows you to open and close the curtains, turn on the TV, put the kettle on and much more.
  • The Aqara Smart Wireless Switch. This model has only one button, thanks to which you can control the lighting throughout the house. The device responds to voice commands, and can also control electrical equipment.
  • Smart eWeLink switch. It can also, like the previous switch, control the lighting in the house, and thanks to the timer, you can configure the automatic shutdown of appliances.
  • Universal IR remote control. This is a universal device, thanks to which you can control the TV, air conditioning, lighting, etc. Thanks to synchronization with a mobile application, you can configure the remote control even outside the house.


With such “smart” sensors and devices for a smart home, you can significantly save time, as well as protect yourself and your loved ones. But, it is worth paying attention to their choice. Many gadgets can be useless. Their cost depends on the company and functionality.


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