Why do you need a Smart Home system?

The opportunities that scientific and technological progress has brought with it are no longer the fiction of Ray Bradbury’s books. The “Smart home” system is a mechanism for controlling and controlling the housing through an application in a smartphone or a special remote control. For example, you can close or open the garage door, lock the front door, turn on the lights in the back rooms, start the slow cooker and much more without getting up from the couch. You can also ventilate the room from several thousand kilometers away. “Smart home” allows people to automate part of their duties and make their home as convenient and comfortable as possible.

How does the system work?

With the help of “Smart Home” technology, you can manage:

Opening and closing doors, including those outside the house (garage doors and gates).
Temperature of heating systems.
Video surveillance.
Alarm system.
The work of household appliances.
Ventilation control, etc.

The essence of the idea is to use the technology from absolutely anywhere in the world. If the very first “smart homes” were controlled only with the help of special remotes and at the same time the physical presence of the owner in the room was required, then modern technologies allow you to use the system even from another continent through a mobile application.

Important! A prerequisite is the availability of Internet access. If there is no network, the mobile app will not be able to transmit the command.

Intelligent scenarios

Modern programs designed to manage intelligent systems make it possible to create unique scenarios that will be adapted to a specific user and his habits. For example, if a person needs a cup of hot coffee every morning, it is enough to set this condition in the program only once and, for example, by eight in the morning, the coffee machine will automatically start and brew the desired drink.

Scenarios set by the user in the Smart Home system allow you to:
Set the opening time of the gate. No more waiting for the garage to open. When a person arrives at the house, the gate will already be waiting for the owner. This will help you save 1-3 minutes daily. Of course, at first glance, it may seem like nonsense, but in fact, more than 1000 minutes or 18 hours of life run up, which is not so small.
Adjusting the lighting. If a person turns on the TV, the backlight is automatically dimmed. If the music starts playing, the lights will flash bright colors. It is also possible to program the inclusion of lamps located in the garden.
Water the lawn and change the mode of operation of the boiler in the house.
Run programs on household appliances. For example, before leaving the house, you can set the mode in which the room will be ventilated by the time you return, the kettle will boil and your favorite song will turn on.

The Smart Home system offers a variety of scenarios that will help you save time significantly. The technology eliminates a number of chores, automating the usual actions. The free time can be spent on more important things.