Why do I need a smart home?

The smart home complex is designed to solve the problem of interaction of the following main life support systems:

Ventilation and air conditioning.
External and internal illumination.
Electric drives used in home devices.

In addition to ensuring uninterrupted and trouble-free operation of home equipment, the automation complex must have an intuitive management interface.

Automation of system of heating – climate control

Automation should be understood as the probability of installation and maintenance of a given temperature regime in any of the rooms. To solve this problem, temperature sensors are placed in the rooms, and control valves are placed on the collector. In some versions of such equipment, it is possible to connect air conditioning devices, for this purpose, special gateways are used.

Sensors and drives are connected to the automation complex. It constantly monitors the temperature condition. As soon as it changes, the system generates commands to open / close the valves, activate or stop the air conditioners.

The results of temperature changes are reflected on the monitor installed in the automation system, phone, tablet, home computer.

Automation of the lighting system

Smart lighting is used to ensure the convenience of living in the house and as an element of the security system. At a time when incandescent lamps were used as light sources, the use of smart lighting provided serious savings in electrical energy. Thanks to the wide use of LEDs, comfort came to the fore. The application of smart lighting provides:

Timely disconnection of installed lamps and sockets when leaving the house.

Switching the lighting system to night/day operation mode.

Turning off the lighting after the alarm is triggered.

The homeowner is able to quickly change the intensity of light in the entire house, as well as in each individual room.

Lighting control is performed either using switches mounted on the wall or using software installed on a computer and on gadgets.

Electric drive system

The management of electric drive systems provides a significant amount of time, for example, for opening/closing electric curtains. In homes built outside the city limits, this is a serious problem, especially if it has a large number of Windows installed.

In almost any country house or large apartment, there is a complexity of managing both individual drives, TIC and their groups. The lighting system allows you to control the drives from any wearable device or PC.

Technical alarm system

This system is designed to prevent leaks, water, gas. Its difference from ordinary complexes is that it is built into the smart home system and immediately signals the occurrence of a leak and its location. This option makes life easier for the homeowner when searching for damage sites. Sensors of this subsystem are installed near the valve and other places where there is a high risk of leakage.

Sound control

If the homeowner wants to be surrounded by music, then there is an audio multiroom system at his service.

This system can be integrated into the smart home complex. It includes audio speakers and custom amplifiers.


The capabilities of each of the built-in systems can be integrated with each other. For example, when it is dark, the power saving mode is activated, the lighting intensity is reduced, the alarm system is activated, and so on.

In fact, there are a great many scenarios of functioning, and many publications on the web are devoted to them.