Why do you need a Smart Home?

08 February 2022

Maximum level of comfort can be achieved only if the Smart House system. The use of this technology can significantly increase the level of security, as well as significantly save on energy. To equip your home with the Smart Home system, you can either use ready-made solutions from well-known manufacturers, or install the system yourself.


involves the use of a large number of sensors that are connected to the controller via wired or wireless interfaces. Receiving information from the sensors, the controller sends commands to the actuators. The entire system can be controlled either from a stationary remote control or from a smartphone or tablet. You can also manage all Smart House devices via the Internet, being at a considerable distance from home.

What systems can be controlled by a Smart Home

Home automation can include a different number of functions, the main of which are control:

  • lighting and household appliances;
  • media system;
  • television equipment;
  • heating system;
  • air conditioning and ventilation system;
  • automatic blinds;
  • automatic closing of doors;
  • video surveillance system;
  • fire protection system.

Home automation also allows you to fully automate the process of feeding pets. If the Smart House is used in a private cottage, it is possible to automate the walking of pets, as well as differentially configure: porch heating, path heating in the yard and water heating in the pool.


Smart Home can be controlled both manually and using pre-prepared scenarios. These scenarios are adapted to a particular event and may include: heating and climate control, as well as control of television and sound reproducing equipment. Also, for example, you can create a “Vacation” scenario that will put the heating and air conditioning systems into energy-saving mode. Activating the “Party” scenario will allow you to create a comfortable musical background for guests, as well as automatically display interesting clips or videos on the TV screen.


The main feature of home automation is the security system. Its design includes:

  1. motion sensors;
  2. gas sensors;
  3. temperature sensors;
  4. sensors that respond to the opening of doors or windows;
  5. water leakage sensors.

Motion sensors respond to any unauthorized entry into the home, and immediately send an alarm to the smartphone of the owner of the apartment. Gas sensors and temperature sensors respond to an increase in carbon monoxide concentration, and at the slightest smoke, they send an alarm signal to the fire department, while simultaneously sending an SMS message to the owner of the apartment.

Magnetic sensors are installed on windows and doors, and work in conjunction with motion sensors. The main task of these sensors is to respond to penetration into the house. Water leakage sensors are installed under heating radiators, as well as in the bathroom and kitchen. Even with a slight leak, water gets on the sensor, and immediately information about a possible accident is sent to the owner of the apartment on the smartphone.

Using the Smart House system allows you to make life more comfortable and safer.