Smart home features-system overview

This software for homes and apartments appeared 15 years ago, but before this pleasure could only afford well-off people. Now this service can be used by the average Russian.

How the smart home works

A smart home is all household appliances, devices and equipment that are in the house, connected to a single centralized control system. Only devices that have special devices for receiving and transmitting data can be connected to this system. Also, each hardware must have software.

Thanks to the data transfer system, each device can work in tandem with any hardware. So the refrigerator makes a list of products and orders them at the nearest supermarket, according to the preferences of the owners. The robot vacuum cleaner has a built-in camera that allows you to observe any room.

An important role for savings safe at home, playing a security system, it adjusts the opening and closing of doors, Windows and on the smartphone or computer of the owner sent details and photos.

What features can be enabled

As of July 2020, the number and types of functionality of this system are unlimited, the owner can only choose the necessary services. The most popular features that smart home owners order:

climate management,
sun protection,
energy saving,
manage all types of video and audio devices.
How to manage the system
Climate and lighting

Setting up a cozy comfort in the house, you can turn on or off the heating, start the air conditioner. These services are provided by the climate management system. For the most comfortable lighting, you can turn on the dim light for a romantic evening or turn on additional lamps during working hours, you only need a smartphone or PC.


The security system allows you to send messages to the police station and make calls to the police squad in automatic mode. It is also possible to block Windows or doors if the system sends a photo report that an intruder is trying to get into the house.

Protection on Sunny days

Sun protection works depending on the weather. if it is a bright Sunny day, the blinds or shutters will automatically close on the Windows.

Saving water and electricity

Energy saving is provided thanks to the installed modern lighting devices, adjusting the switching on and off of devices in automatic mode, if they are not used by anyone.

The same applies to the lighting and heating systems, heating the house to the set temperature, then the air conditioner or heating system is switched off automatically.

Audio and video equipment

Automatic control of audio and video devices. in remote mode, sound and image are turned on, programs or series are recorded, and the TV is turned on and off according to the set schedule.

Any of these systems can be ordered when purchasing Smart home software. In addition, each manufacturer offers its own list of programs, from which you can choose those that are required for home management.