Devices that allow you to save electricity in the house

03 May 2021

Today, there are many smart home devices that help save electricity. Examples of such devices are the following:

Programmable sockets;
Automatic illumination;
Night lights;
LED lamps;
Table lamps;
Kitchen lighting;
Outdoor lighting;
Festive garlands;
Consumption counters.

Let’s look at each of these types of devices in more detail.

Programmable socket

With the help of a programmable socket, you can set the rules by which the devices connected to it will turn on and off. Thanks to several timers in such an outlet, the operating schedule of the devices is set so that they consume electricity only at the necessary times.

Automatic illumination

Sometimes in the dark in the house there is a need for only a small illumination, which helps to navigate in space. With a built-in motion sensor, these small lights turn on automatically. They almost do not consume electricity, working from batteries, and can also be installed anywhere.

Night light

Some people do not like to sleep at night in complete darkness, so they light up the bedroom in the room with some kind of light source. Much more economical for this purpose is the use of a smart night light, which automatically fades out after a certain time. When you start to move, it will turn on again at that moment.

LED lamps

LED lamps are a classic energy-saving device. If you still use old lamps in the house, then be sure to replace them with LED ones.

Table Lamp

The use of modern table lamps also provides savings. For desktop LED lamps, in addition to low energy consumption, additional savings are provided by a smooth power adjustment.

Kitchen lighting

Cooking sometimes takes a long time. To make this process more economical, you can use only local lighting instead of lighting the entire kitchen. This illumination illuminates only the work surface. Attached to the bottom of the cabinets, it can provide even brighter lighting than that produced by the main light source.

Outdoor lighting

If you have a private house, then you need on-duty lighting for the house territory, allowing you to navigate in the dark. This task can be effectively solved by special lamps that react to moving objects. Such lamps do not require electricity, as they are charged during the day from the sun.

Festive garlands

Such decorative garlands can not only decorate the house on holidays, but also simply create a romantic atmosphere. Their advantage is that they are powered by the sun, so that their use does not lead to an increase in the monthly energy bill.

Consumption counter

Before determining the set of measures necessary to save electricity, first of all, it is necessary to determine which equipment consumes the most energy. This is possible with the help of a special gadget that measures the power consumption of devices that are connected to it.