Installation of Smart Home in Zhytomyr

SmartHouse company has been providing services for the installation of smart control systems in Ukraine for 15 years. Our employees are true professionals, able to implement both a standard solution and an individual order of high complexity. We use only high-quality and certified equipment and software of our own design.

Using the calculator on our website, you can approximately estimate the cost of a smart home in Zhytomyr.

Why do we need a smart home and what can it do?
Lighting control. The system will independently determine whether there is enough light in the room and, if necessary, turn on additional lighting. Or if, on the contrary, there is an excess of light in the room, the smart house will close the curtains and dim the artificial lighting.
Electrical Appliance Management. You can no longer worry about a forgotten iron, because it can be remotely turned off. Do you want the kettle to be already hot by your arrival? Not a problem, a smart home will do that too. There are still a lot of options for using remote control of electrical appliances and you will definitely like it.
Climate and ventilation management. You can easily control the required level of air humidity and its temperature around the clock and without constant intervention.
Management of multimedia systems (TV, video, audio). You can control the entire multimedia system in the house from anywhere in the house. One touch panel will make the process of interacting with multimedia more convenient and easier.
CCTV system management. You can always monitor what is happening in your home with installed IP cameras. In addition, the outdoor video surveillance system can work in different modes and will provide round-the-clock monitoring of what is happening outside your home.

There are many more scenarios when installing a smart home in Zhytomyr will provide you with a new level of comfort, security and convenience, allowing you to control smart devices using our application on a smartphone or other device.

Why should you contact us?

We ourselves produce all the necessary equipment and software. This allows you to set affordable prices for our services.
An individual approach to each client and the ability to implement custom solutions.
Great experience and a team of competent specialists who will quickly and efficiently carry out all the necessary work.
The reliability of our equipment and long-term operation.

To order a smart home in Zhytomyr, use the calculator, where you specify all the necessary data and after calculating the cost of services, a commercial offer will be sent to you. Or call us at the contacts indicated in the corresponding section.

The price consists of the volume and complexity of the work that will need to be carried out. We will help you choose the best option that will meet all the requirements of the customer.