Installation of Smart Home in Ternopol

Smart home – a modern home automation system, consisting of a set of devices that are able to independently perform small routine tasks related to the livelihoods of the home. This includes maintaining the microclimate in a single apartment, and smart bulbs, and automatic doors.

The principle of the system is the execution of commands that are sent to the central controller. They can be broadcast by a person using a voice, remote control or a special application on a smartphone, or the system makes decisions independently based on the readings of sensors, for example, temperature or humidity.

In our country, the so-called multi-room control system for television, radio and other acoustic systems is also understood as a smart home, but in the West, these two concepts are traditionally separated due to the characteristics of the market. There are also apartment building management systems, but in our country they have not yet become widespread.

Advantages of installing a smart home in Ternopol

By installing an automated control system, you, first of all, ensure the safety of your family and friends. For example, if you left home and forgot to turn off the iron or stove, using a special program, you can do this while away from home. The system will protect not only from a fire, but also from uninvited guests. If you install motion sensors when a suspicious activity is detected, a message will be sent to the security service.

The second advantage is the comfort of the residents. Thanks to special sensors and the climate control system in the home, the temperature you set will be automatically maintained. Regardless of the weather, the window in the room will not be either too cold or too hot. The same applies to room humidity.

Finally, a smart home is an ideal opportunity to save time. If you have special devices, when you come home from work, you can immediately enjoy a hot dinner, rather than spend time cooking it, for this it is enough to put the products in the multicooker or oven in the morning and set the timer, or turn on the cooking mode remotely via the phone.

What determines the cost of a smart home in Ternopol

The price of a smart home project, as a rule, depends on the following factors:

area of ​​the room;
the number and cost of the instruments that make up the system;

How to order a smart home in Ternopol

Those who decide to install an intelligent housing management system need to contact SmartHouse by phone or via the feedback form on the website. Attach the plan of the house or apartment to the application and indicate your wishes, as well as a contact phone and email. Within one business day, managers will prepare a preliminary commercial proposal for you, if necessary, provide detailed advice and, after agreeing on the cost and terms, will begin to implement the project