Smart home installation in Melitopol

Installation of a smart home in Melitopol is the optimal solution to improve the quality of life according to the current standards of maximum comfort. SmartHouse company creates an intelligent product-a Smart Home system that controls the engineering systems of the home and is easily controlled by the owner with a remote control or gadget.

Stages of designing and creating a Smart Home

Installation of a smart home in Melitopol takes place in six main stages:

preparation and approval of technical specifications based on data on the area, housing configuration, desired functions and possible budget;
project development;
selection and purchase of communications and equipment;
installation of the entire system;
start-up, commissioning and testing;
delivery of the project, familiarization and training of the owner to manage the functions.

If necessary, clarifications, approvals and consultations with the architect and designer are carried out. Our experts will provide optimal solutions at all stages to create maximum comfort of life, saving resources and security within your budget. Also non-standard wishes of the client are carried out.


The cost of a smart home in Melitopol is calculated individually and depends on many indicators. Here are the main:

dwelling area;
its layout and configuration;
number of functions;
number and level of complexity of devices;
price of communications, components and equipment.

The final cost is absolutely transparent and is determined after consultations, approvals and clarifications of the terms of reference.

How to order a Smart Home

Once the decision to order a smart home in Melitopol, you can approximately calculate the budget for its creation on the calculator page. Then you need to make an application by writing in her name, contact details and parameters of housing. On the basis of these data you get a commercial offer of the company. As a result of cooperation with the SmartHouse team, you will get the house of your dreams, the price of which is democratic, and the quality is premium.

The system’s capabilities in brief

By installing a Smart Home, you can manage the entire system easily, just a few clicks from the gadget from anywhere in the world. By your arrival home you will prepare the most comfortable climate: temperature, humidity, fresh air. You can prepare a bath or warm up the sauna. And in your absence, you can save resources and significantly reduce their consumption.

Security is also under control, you can watch the house inside and outside. Including the territory around the perimeter of the site. In your absence, increased security is activated. The system works even in case of power surges or force majeure with power outage.

If there is a threat of a short circuit, in case of water or gas leaks, their flow to the house is blocked, you receive an alert or the emergency service will be called. The scenario depends on the settings that are set by the user.

Smart Home is a completely different level of quality of life in absolute comfort, security and with maximum savings of all resources. Ensuring such high standards of living in your hands, you only need to contact the company SmartHouse!