Smart home installation in Lutsk

Do you want to order the Smart House system in Lutsk? It’s easy – contact our company SmartHouse. We will create a new reality, and allow you to fully enjoy the comfort.

Price Smart House

SmartHouse conducts a full cycle of work: it designs the complex, develops software, and installs the control complex. Equipment used in the system, produced in the company. The price of a smart home in Lutsk depends on a number of parameters.

    • feature set;
    • a set of devices;
    • the cost of devices;
    • dwelling area;
    • layout.

The cost of the Smart House in Lutsk will be finally calculated when approving the technical task.


Be sure to decide in advance: what requirements have priority for you? So you quickly decide on the final version, since you will not waste time on functions that are less relevant for you.

We are ready to work on solving the most unusual customer wishes. We strive to achieve the best result. Our company employees have gained great experience in the field of intelligent housing management.

What do you get from the Smart Home system

First of all – the highest level of comfort and safety of life.

The intellectual complex will help to effectively spend and control resources, due to which you significantly save money.

How to order a smart home in Lutsk

Visit the SmartHouse website. Enter your contact details. Describe what functions of the system you need, attach the plan of the apartment or house. After sending the application to your e-mail will be sent a commercial offer. With him you can navigate in relation to the upcoming expenses.

Important! While the project is under discussion, it is possible to make changes to it – your priorities may change, supplemented by functionality. In this regard, the price may change.

Then the employees of the company will work on the dream house in accordance with your wishes. Take the first step – contact our company!