Smart home installation in Kiev

You can order the Smart House system in Kiev by contacting our company SmartHouse. We will create a project taking into account all your wishes and will do everything to make your dreams come true!

How we are working

The company not only implements and installs an intelligent complex – it also develops software. In addition, we ourselves produce equipment, and design, approaching each client individually. The price of a smart home in Kiev can be calculated at the time of application.

When calculating the cost, a lot depends on several indicators:

    • a set of system functions;
    • number of devices;
    • price of used devices;
    • the area of ​​the house;
    • layout.

The last two indicators affect the cost of laying communications.

In any case, the final and full cost of the Smart House in Kiev is determined after the full coordination of the technical task.


It should be well thought out: exactly what functions are of paramount importance for you, what appliances in the house do you want to control? This will allow you to save time on the discussion of options, and not spend extra money.

We are ready to satisfy any, including non-standard inquiries of our clients. Our specialists are highly qualified and have extensive experience in the design of control and monitoring systems.

Advantages of the Smart Home

The main task of the intellectual complex is to ensure your comfort and safety.

In addition, it is a multifunctional system that makes it possible to efficiently use and control resources, which means saving your money.

Smart Home Order

So, you have decided on your wishes. In Kiev you can order Smart Home very simply. Just go to the site of the company SmartHouse. Enter your contact details. Write down what functions of the system you wish to receive, attach an apartment or house plan. After that you will be sent a commercial offer. It will allow you to understand what order of prices you should be guided by.

Important! The price in this case is not final. In the process of complete coordination of your wishes may be adjusted, and depending on this price may vary.

After that, our experts will begin work on creating your dream home. They will answer all your questions, prompt the best options based on your needs. Just take action and contact us!