Smart home installation in Kharkiv

You can order the Smart Home system in Kharkov by contacting our company SmartHouse. Our experts will take into account all your wishes. They will create such a project so that everything you dream of will be realized!

Stages of our work

SmartHouse is not limited to the creation of the project and installation of equipment. The software is also developed by our company. In addition, we manufacture equipment in-house. We approach individually to each customer. The price of a smart home in Kharkov directly depends on a number of factors:

  • Functional;
  • The number of selected appliances;
  • equipment price;
  • dwelling area;
  • layout.

The cost of the Smart House in Kharkov will become clear after the approval of the technical task.


It should be understood: what is your priority in the work of the system? This will give you the opportunity not to spend too much time choosing a project and save money.

With fifteen years of experience in the design of home control systems, the company guarantees customer satisfaction of any complexity. Our staff will advise you and help you choose the best option.

Advantages of the Smart Home

    • the comfort of living;
    • security;
    • efficient use of resources;
    • cost savings.

Smart Home Order

You can order Smart Home in Kharkov. After the decision about which parameters of the system you want to receive is made – go to the SmartHouse website. It is necessary to fill in some data: the desired functions of the system, the plan of the house or apartment, the plan of the electricians and their contact details. Next you will receive a commercial offer. With it, you can understand what amount of expenses can be discussed.

Important! The price is not final. Until the project has been finalized, and you decide on your wishes, the cost may also change depending on this.

When all approvals are over, the company’s specialists begin to create your dream home. According to your needs, they will do all the work, and we guarantee the best result! Just contact us, and everything else is our task!