Installation of Smart Home in Borispol

About service

The profile of our company “SmartHouse” is the installation of a smart home in Borispol and in other cities. We develop projects that take into account all the wishes of customers. We make every effort to translate the wishes of customers into reality.

How does our company work?

Our employees not only sell and install an intelligent complex called “Smart Home”. We also develop related software. We also manufacture equipment, develop projects.

By calling us, you can find out the cost of a smart home in Borispol, and specify other information of interest. With each client we work individually.

By applying, you can find out the cost of a smart home in your city.

The formation of a cost indicator is influenced by several factors. We list them:

total number of devices;
equipment functionality;
total area of ​​the room;
the cost of devices used to operate the system;
floor plan.

The cost of laying communications is determined by the layout and area of ​​the house in which the Smart Home system will be installed.

To find out the final cost of installing the system, it is necessary to fully coordinate the technical task with the client.

Here you can order a smart home in Borispol at an affordable price. We have been working in the Ukrainian market since 2009.


You must first decide for yourself: which particular functions are paramount, and which devices in the house would you like to control? Answering these questions can significantly save your time, which can be spent on the selection of suitable options.

Having decided on what is important in the first place, you can also save a lot of money.

Our employees are ready to fulfill even non-standard wishes of customers. We employ qualified specialists who have sufficient experience in the design of control systems, control.

Pros of using the Smart Home system

Ensuring the safety and comfort of staying at home is a key feature of intelligent systems.

In addition, the multifunctional device allows you to more effectively control the consumption of resources, that is, it will save a lot of money.

How to order the Smart Home system?

Have you decided what is important to you? It’s not difficult to order the Smart Home system in Borispol. Our company SmartHouse has been providing this service for 10 years. Having visited our site, you can leave your contact information.

Also indicate which system functions are your priority. You will also need to attach a plan of the house or apartment.

Then we will send you our offer. With its help it will be possible to understand what list of prices a client should be guided by.

Attention! In this case, the price is not yet final. When the client’s wishes have been fully agreed upon, the price is adjusted, and this affects the cost of the project.

Then our employees will be engaged in the development and installation of the Smart Home system.

If you have any questions, then experts will be able to answer them. They will also be able to advise the most suitable options, which will be selected taking into account the requirements of the client.

Want to have a managed house or apartment? Contact us!