Installation of a Smart home in Alexandria

Recently, the technology of “smart home” has become very popular, because this concept facilitates the management of everyday life and provides the ability to remotely control all household appliances that are in the room. SmartHouse company offers its customers to order a smart home in Alexandria at competitive prices.

This technology makes it possible to automate home life by combining electrical appliances and equipment located in the house into a common “ecosystem”. Typically, such ecosystems have a “brain” that acts as a proprietary program, service, or device with which to manage.

When determining the cost of a smart home in Alexandria, you need to pay attention to several factors:

the number of devices that are in the house;
system functionality;
total area of ​​the house;
features of the layout;
the cost of the equipment used.

The layout and price of the devices used significantly affects the final cost of laying communications. The final price of installing a smart home will be determined after the terms of reference are fully agreed.

The installation of a smart home in Alexandria is not just a simplification of the life of residents, it is also ensuring safety and comfort.

SmartHouse includes the following items:

a controller or hub is a device that connects each of the elements of a smart home into a single system that evaluates the state of their work and environmental conditions;
sensors, which are devices that receive information regarding the state of the environment and household appliances. They feed information to the controller. The simplest example is a temperature sensor, which can include an air conditioner or, conversely, a heater;
actuators, which are understood as devices that execute specific commands that come from the controller. An elementary actuator is an electrical relay that turns on the light at a specific time;
household appliances, which are in the house or apartment, are also an integral part of a smart home. The principle of this technology is focused on the thoughtful organization of the work of this technique, as well as on the automation of ongoing processes.

You can control the device using the program installed on the smartphone. This application is designed for devices running on IOS and Android. The program can be downloaded from the AppStore or the Play Market, depending on the operating system. Downloading is completely free. The controller supports the standard GSM mobile communications, so it can be used to send SMS messages and make calls.

Any owner of a smart home has the opportunity to remotely control appliances in his home, being in any city in the world. Such a home control system is absolutely safe, because in order to transmit data, special protocols are used to encrypt information. These protocols exclude the possibility of intercepting a signal and connecting to a specific controller.