Installation of cameras and video surveillance systems for homes and apartments with your own hands

In order to ensure the safety and security of the property, a modern solution is used-the installation of cameras and video surveillance systems. Installation can be done with your own hands, this procedure does not take a long period of time.

What to consider before installing a video surveillance system

Initially, you need to decide on the choice of the system model, so that it solves all the tasks assigned to it. The next stage is system design. It is important to take a responsible approach to choosing the location of the installation of equipment in the apartment, so that you can view all the zones through the cameras.

At the planning stage of the video surveillance system, the following activities are carried out: the future architecture of the system is determined, viewing angles, illumination, and temperature are calculated, and appropriate lenses and other components of the video surveillance system are selected.

IP video surveillance: features of connection and installation

At the moment, a popular option is IP video surveillance, which is suitable if you have access to the Internet. If you need to connect this camera, you must first configure the software that comes with the hardware.

Then you will need to connect using a router. Cameras are connected to the system, after which they must be configured to work.

Features of installation and configuration of CCTV cameras

Before installing the system, you must select a Registrar or network router. It is worth choosing for apartments and houses those systems that have a closed type. In this case, you can be sure that no one else will be able to connect to the network and view the recordings from the cameras.

The most vulnerable systems are wireless cameras. To be able to carry out the installation with your own hands, you must first prepare all the necessary tools: mounting glue, double-sided, hammer, drill or puncher, wire cutters, screwdrivers, self-tapping screws. It is necessary to think over the method of fixing the equipment, as well as the exact location of its placement, in order to avoid difficult situations directly during the installation of the video surveillance system itself.

You should also think about the method of mounting and installing the camera at the stage of choosing and purchasing a video surveillance system. It is worth noting that to ensure the security of the installed video surveillance system, you can give preference to models that have a hidden installation system. As a rule, these options differ in small dimensions, which also makes them invisible after installation.

Due to the installation of video surveillance cameras with your own hands, you can significantly save money and independently choose the location of the system chosen for an apartment or a private house.