Manage your smart home using voice

Voice command management is the most convenient solution, because it allows you to set commands without having to search for devices. The intelligent system responds to commands taking into account the exact time, including communications and any household appliances.

How does it work?

Management functions according to the prescribed scenario, a set of voice commands is made taking into account the sequence of words. The program can’t understand the meaning of what is said, and the specified sounds are recognized. Often, when purchasing a number of commands are already registered, a program on the PC or a manual extension allows you to add functions. They all work by voice.

Built-in speakers and microphones are used for operation. sensitive modern systems can understand the command even at a distance of several meters. Microphones pick up the signal even with noise. Sometimes the system is supplemented with a voice assistant, which “communicates” with the hosts, and all commands are stored in its memory.

The nuances of management

Phrases and sequence of actions are spelled out, for example, “open the blinds”, “turn on the stove”, and so on. Management also allows you to implement a number of actions under one command.

Principle of operation:

creating a task and its implementation algorithm;
the host utters a command, and the program executes it. For example, “cinema mode” – the curtains are closed and the specified channel is turned on;
commands can be voiced from any room.
Control capability

There are many useful functions for voice control, including the following:

climate change in the room;
control of household equipment;
closing and opening door panels;
irrigation of the territory near the house.

You can also create the following settings:

Changing the lighting level, including turning the light on at a certain time, and turning it off during a specified period.
Temperature correction. You can turn on the heating when a certain level is reached, warm the water in the pool, or activate the “Underfloor heating”.
Management of engineering networks. Security networks, water leaks, holes in the sewer-all this is reported to the owner.
Operation of sockets. The shutdown time can be programmed.
Features of working in the absence of owners. Watering plants, airing, and so on.
Remote control (phone, PC).
Configuring for the host

There are a lot of functions, they are changed according to the preferences of the owner, a smart home with voice control helps to save money, facilitates everyday life, and protects apartments from uninvited guests. Sleep mode can be activated after leaving the house, appliances and lights will be turned off, and video recording and security features will be activated. If there are cameras, you can create a record, call the police, send an SMS to the owner.

There are many programs, such as Bit Voicer, Voice Arduino Recognition, Speech to Text Library, Arduino, and so on. A smart home is an affordable future that allows you to interact comfortably with your home and its contents.