Smart intercom – the feasibility of installation, the cost of work

10 November 2021

Specialists of the Mimismart company recently told about how to install a “smart” intercom in their entrance. So, what they advise you to pay attention to.

Before starting work, it is important to collect detailed information about the installation location. As a result of studying the data, the answer to the question will be found: does the territory have sufficient potential for the introduction of ip technologies?

What needs to be investigated before starting work:

  • To study the market volume by setting the number of floors of the house and the total number of apartments;

  • To establish which company manages the house and in what form – the HOA or the management company. This is necessary to develop a strategy of interaction with the residents of the house;

  • Make a list of companies that service intercom equipment in this house (owners of intercom equipment);

  • Make a list of companies that service intercom equipment in this house (owners of intercom equipment);

  • To study the current tariffs for intercoms and video surveillance systems. This is necessary to optimize costs, optimize the maintenance costs of “smart” services;

  • To study the penetration of the services of the current provider. This will help to predict the economic potential of the introduction of a “smart” intercom;

  • Make a “map” of the territory: identify non-standard entrances and exits, the presence of gates, fenced territories. This is necessary for the competent construction of the economy of the entire project.

General work plan for one entrance (in stages):

  1. The approval stage. Implies holding a general house meeting;

  2. The stage of connecting the service.


  • carrying out installation work on the installation of an ip intercom;

  • signing of necessary contracts;

  • issuance of the keys to the intercom;

  • installing the app for mobile devices.

  1. The stage of application of “smart” services.


  • Scaling the installations of the current application;

  • Implementation of joint promotion of services with the provider (cross-promotion);

  • Introduction of new functions;

  • Launch of social-oriented actions.

The cost of installing one “smart” intercom at the entrance (model Beward DKS15374)

The calculation was made for a 9-storey building with one entrance to the entrance, with four apartments on the floor.

  • The cost of equipment from 420$;

  • The cost of materials for installation from $ 80;


Total: $500.

Is it worth switching to “smart” services:

The use of new technologies requires a number of costs, not only for the installation of one intercom. That is why it is necessary to establish the expediency of their use: to study the potential of the proposed market for the sale of services, to calculate all the items of expenditure for the project.

If everything is calculated and implemented correctly, then new technologies will help to find a new, and most importantly, a stable source of income.


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